54 Thrones Shark Tank Update, Net Worth, Founder in Details

What is 54 thrones shark tank?

54 Thrones is a skincare line company that manufactures beauty products with an African theme. 54 Thrones uses ingredients made by African artisans in their products, including Egyptian lavender, Moroccan mint butter, Ugandan vanilla and Ethiopian honey butter. And all of these products contain a common ingredient, shea butter, which is extracted from African shea tree nuts.

Who is the founder of 54 thrones?

Christina Tegbe is the founder of 54 Thrones, who grew up using African skin products under the influence of her Nigerian aunt.

Tegbe has previously worked as a consultant in the corporate healthcare world. And then she helps run the day-to-day activities of the 54 thrones.

Christina Tegbe has two master’s degrees available and is very passionate about African skin care.

After leaving her job, she travelled to Africa and was able to connect with women who make shea butter, argan oil, and other beauty ingredients. Then she got involved in the 54 thrones product.

Shark Tank 54 Thrones Details

Name54 Thrones
Net Worth (2021)$1.4 Million *Approx
BusinessShea-Butter Based Skincare
EntrepreneurChristina Tegbe
Asked For$250,000 For 10%
Deals$250,000 For 17.5%
SharkNirav Tolia And Kevin O’Leary
Monthly Income$5,000

54 Throne Shark Tank Update

Let us tell you that 54 Thrones is still running in the market, and it is quite famous for its African origin. Its products are sold through Nordstrom, on its website and at other retail stores. Its business target market is people of all races, especially those seeking beauty products to celebrate their rich African heritage.

It depends on imports from African countries to maintain a consistent output of products. And it makes it easier for those skincare companies to do business with the countries from which they get their raw materials.

Let us tell you that there will be a huge increase in its revenue flow in the skincare product in the long run. 54 Thrones tries to show that Africa specializes in luxury and prestige products for use internationally and can produce more.

Christina Tegbe showcases the travel and uniqueness of each African country on her social media pages and other sources, as she seems to be taking a step forward in her quest to create and invent more African-themed beauty products.

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54 thrones net worth

When 54 Thrones got investment from Shark Tank and the net worth of this company reached 1.4 million dollars. All the beauty products of its brand are available on the online marketplace like Amazon. Since getting funding from Shark Tank, the products of this brand have been selling a lot, and they are still doing well. 54 of The Throne’s net worth is estimated to be $1.4 million in 2021.

How to Buy 54 thrones products?

You can buy the 54 thrones products from Amazon, the official website and other platforms also. From Amazon, First of all, click on the given link. You will reach the product page. Simply click on BUY NOW, and Place your order easily.