How To Check Which Mobile Number Is Registered On My Aadhar Card

How To Check Which Mobile Number Is Registered On My Aadhar Card:- In today’s post, We will tell about how to find the mobile number. Because often people have some deficiency or mistakes in their Aadhar-card. And the thing is that people forget theirĀ  mobile numbers which is linked. Because once the Aadhar card is created, no one remembers the mobile number.

But sometimes due to necessary work, you have to find the number of the Aadhar card, which number is linked to . So you read this post.

It is required only to know about the mobile number. When people have to improve the Aadharcard. Because, at that time you need a mobile number along with Aadhaar number to login on UIDAI website.

How To Check Which Mobile Number Is Registered On My Aadhar Card

For the information of the number linked to the Aadhar card, you must read the given step carefully. Here you have to read the things given in the note.

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aadhar card

1. First go to the UIDAI website.

2. Then click on Verify Email / Mobile Number link.

3. After that (enter the Aadhar Card number of 12 Digit UIDs).

4. Enter mobile number or email. [Enter the mobile number if you want to know the mobile number.]

5. Then fill in the Captcha. And click on Send OTP.

Note: – The number on which OTP will come to you. It has to be verified.

Note: – If OTP did not go on your mobile, then try putting another mobile number. OTP will come on the number which will remain in the Aadhar-card. You have to verify And with the help of this process, you can easily find your mobile number.

Hope you have liked this information. Because, in a detailed way, you have been given the Aadhar Card update mobile number information, you can share this post with your friends. You can visit for more information.

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