How to Add Venmo to Linktree? (Can you add venmo to linktree 2022)

Hello, Today I am going to show “How to Add Venmo to Linktree?” many people want to know “can you add Venmo to linktree”? The answer is yes, this is possible. you can easily add your Venmo to linktree by following this article. please read and get the venmo guides to add Venmo to Linktree.

Adding venmo to linktree

Linktree presents a great way to build your brand and presence online or showcase your work through social media apps like Instagram.

If you, like me, are trying to add a payment method or add a My Support link to your Linktree account, there are several options available, one of which is the Venmo option.

Quick Answer:

Yes, you can add Venmo by going to your Linktree admin account, adding a Venmo payment provider, and authenticating it via your phone number.

To learn how to add Venmo to Linktree, you will need to read the “how to add Venmo to Linktree” answer below. Apart from this, you can also add Linktree through Cash App. Click on the link for this.

How to add your Venmo to Linktree?

Here are the steps to Steps to Add Venmo Payment Method to Linktree, you must Consider your value for building your brand, work or content. After that without any delay proceed to put Venmo on linktree.

Step 1: First, log in to your Linktree admin panel and go to “Settings”

Step 2: Scroll down until you see “Commerce integration”.

Step 3: Click on “Add a Payment Provider”.

Step 4: Select Venmo for your payment provider

Step 5: Go through the provider information and click “Next”.

Step 6: Already have an account linked? then just click “connect my account”

Step 7: If you don’t, select “I don’t have an account”.

Step 8: Skim through the information about the payment account and click “Create Account”.

Step 9: Register your “Venmo account” and authenticate it by entering your phone number.

Step 10: Afterwards, you can provide your new payment account with a title.

Step 11: Lastly, you should make sure to save the account before leaving the application.

Note – You will now be able to accept Venmo payments from your expanding customer base. If you’re having trouble connecting your payment provider account, you can contact Venmo’s customer line.

Can you add venmo to linktree?

Yes, you can add Venmo to linktree, you need to login to your linktree account and go to the setting option. then Commerce integration>>Add a Payment Provider>>Venmo>>provide the details>> verify Venmo account” and authenticate>>new payment account and save it.

Once you complete the process, your Venmo account link to linktree.

About Linktree and Venmo

As you know Venmo has a connection with PayPal and you get the option to accept all payments in your PayPal account. In addition, Linktree supports two types of Venmo account types which include personal and business. When adding or receiving money to your Venmo Business account, there will be a 1.9% or $0.10 seller transaction fee.

However, there should be no charge for payments sent to your personal account. Having said that, you do get some email when the payment is completed through the Linktree account. The first will be a payment summary of the transaction details as well as an optional message or instruction given by the visitor. The second email will only be a confirmation sent from your Venmo account.

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FAQ – Adding venmo to linktree

How to put venmo in linktree?

To put Venmo in linktree, you have to login your linktree account, go to setting, and then payment method, choose Venmo and add your account. once complete the adding process you need to save.


So you understand how to link Venmo to Linktree, here apps like Linktree, Venmo and CashApp help you monetize your growth. Knowing how to add Venmo to Linktree has got the help you need.

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