How to Apply for Aish Application online- PDF form Here

The Ministry of Community and Social Services has implemented changes to the Assured Income for the Severely Disabled (AISH) application process. In order to make it easy and simple for applicants, physicians and staff to process it. All disabled Alberts now have a clear, short application form that uses plain language and provides information related to their condition.

Inputs from AISH clients, physicians and staff were considered to define the changes to be implemented. The reforms include a streamlined application process that reduces the time taken to obtain eligibility information; the termination of a previous policy that limited the number of hours an AISH applicant could work to be eligible for the program; and better practices that support clear, personal communication with applicants and provide options to appeal the decision.

Assured Income for the Severely Handicapped (Aish) New forms, guides and reports can be found on the Government of Alberta website. Alberta Supports provides further support at 1-877-644-9992 from 7:30 a.m. to 8 p.m. And you can contact us in person at the AISH offices or Alberta Help Centers.

Who is Eligible for Aish Application?

Eligibility criteria: To be eligible for Assured Income for the Severely Handicapped (AISH), you must meet age, residency, medical and financial criteria.

  1. You must have a disability that substantially limits your ability to earn a living
  2. Your disability is likely to be permanent.
  3. There has been no training, rehabilitation or medical treatment to help you do enough work to earn a living.
  4. You are at least 18 years of age and not eligible to receive an old age security pension
  5. You must be a resident of Alberta and are a citizen or permanent resident of Canada
  6. You are not in a correctional facility or certain mental health facilities such as Alberta Hospital Edmonton
  7. You have been meeting the financial eligibility criteria.

Aish Application Requirements

Here are the application requirements of an aish form:

  • You need your Personal details
  • Your financial details (income details)
  • Medical reports
  • Date of birth (18+)
  • and more

How to apply for Aish application?

To apply for Assured Income for the Severely Handicapped (AISH application online) you must check the eligibility criteria and follow the below steps.

You can apply for Aish application online, Fax and by mail also. your guide to completing the aish application.

1. To create an AISH application, or to find out if AISH is right for you. you need to click on the “Apply for AISH online“. enter all required details like –

  • What is your birthdate?
  • citizenship/immigration status
  • Where do you live?
  • Do you live in a correctional institution (e.g. prison)?
  • Do you live in a mental health facility?
  • Have you received AISH benefits in the past 24 months?


aish application online,
Aish Application online

Once you have filled in the answers to the questions, click on Save and continue.

2. To continue the application, click on the “Sign in to continue your application” button. and login to your account using login credentials such as Email address and password. and complete the form.

Apply Aish application by Fax

You can Fax to this number: 1-877-969-3006 (toll-free, Alberta) and 587-469-3006 (Edmonton Area)

Apply Aish application by Mail

You can Mail them to this address: AISH, PO Box 17000 Station Main, Edmonton, Alberta T5J 4B3

Note: If you need help with your online application, you can call the Alberta Support Contact Center at 1-877-644-9992 or Edmonton at 780-644-9992.

Aish application form 2022 PDF

If you are unable to apply Aish online application, you can download the Aish application pdf form and fill out the all required details and submit it. you can use the Fax or mail address.

Fillable PDF forms do not open properly on some mobile devices and web browsers. You can follow the below steps to fill and save the form.

  • Save the PDF form to your computer – Click or right-click on the link and continue downloading the form.
  • Open the PDF form with Adobe Reader. Fill it out and save it. and submit through mail or fax. you need to complete the 11 sections in the form.

Apply Online & Download form

Aish application processing centre

If you wish to submit an application for the AISH program or if you have any inquiries regarding the status of your application, you may contact the aish application processing centre.

PO Box 17000 Station Main
Edmonton, Alberta T5J 4B3

How do I contact AISH worker?

  • Phone: 587-759-6810
  • Toll-free: 1-877-759-6810
  • Fax: 587-469-3006
  • Toll-free fax: 1-877-969-3006

Aish application mailing address

AISH, PO Box 17000 Station Main, Edmonton, Alberta T5J 4B3.

Aish application contact number

587-759-6810 (Edmonton area), or 1-877-759-6810 (toll free, Alberta).

Aish application processing time

Ash application processing time is up to 203 days.

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How long does it take for AISH approval?

It also criticized the waiting time to appear in the AISH program citing 203 days, the average time taken between the submission of AISH application and acceptance of the programme.

How much are AISH payments in Alberta?

AISH payments in Alberta are $1,685, with a maximum monthly subsistence allowance of $1,685 provided to support customers living in its community. Note, alimony may also be reduced if a client and their living partner receive non-exempt income, or if a client resides in a Government of Alberta group home.

How do i check my aish application status?

To check the status of your ASH application, call 587-759-6810 (Edmonton Area), or 1-877-759-6810 (Toll Free, Alberta). If your application is approved, you will receive a phone call and a letter confirming that you are eligible for AISH.

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