All Subject Full Form, Full Form 2022

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In This article, we are talking about the Full Form of computer, full form of science, full form of maths, Full form of Mathematics, Full Form Of Physics, Full Form Of Chemistry. 

All Subject Full Form List 2022

Friends, it is very important to know that there is no particular full form of these. However, according to the subject, the meaning of his letter has been told.

Full-Form OF Computer

C- Common 
O- Operating
M- Machine 
P- Particularly 
U- Used for 
T- Technological
R- Research

Abbreviations:- This information has been taken from different (websites)places.

1. Common Operating Machine Purposely Used for Technological and Educational Research

2. Commonly Operated Machine Particularly Used for Technical Education and Research.

Full Form of Science

S – Systematic and
C – Comprehensive
I – Investigation and
E – Exploration of
N -Nature’s
C -Causes and
E -Effect.
Abbreviations:- Systematic and Comprehensive Investigation and Exploration of Nature’s Causes and Effects.
S :- Science
C :- Club
I :- Is
E :- Essential &
N :- Necessary for
C :- Continues
E :- Evaluation

Full Form Of Mathematics

Full form of mathematics In English, Full of Mathematics is given as:-
M- Memory
A- Accuracy
T- Talent
H- Hardwork
E- Enthusiasm
M- Mind
A- Attention
T- Tact
I- Interest
C- Cleverness
S- Sincerity

Full Form Of Maths

M – Miracle of nature.
A – Art of arithmetic.
T – Tool of knowledge.
H – Habit of problem-solving.
S – Science of learning.

Funny Full form of maths in English

M – Mental
A – Attack
T – To
H – Healthy
S – Students

Full Form of Physics

P- Positive
H- Humble
S- Studious
I- Inexperienced
C- Communicative
S- Scientific
Abbreviations:- Positive Humble Yonder Studious Inexperienced Communicative Scientific

Full Form Of Chemistry

C- Carbon
H- Hydrogen
E- Elements
M- Metals
I- Informating
S- Sorting
T- Testing
R- Reacting


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