ANZ Credit Card Application, apply

Apply for ANZ Credit Card Application, Check Status and Requirements/ Eligibility

ANZ is one of Australia’s largest banks, supplying all types of credit cards to Australia from a simple starter card to a multi-feature platinum card. ANZ credit cards can be a great option if you want to be rewarded for your spending.

ANZ operates in 34 other countries besides New Zealand. In terms of its history, ANZ as it is known today goes back to 1951, when it was created by the merger of Bank of Australia and Union Bank of Australia Ltd.

ANZ offers some of these types of cards in the form of credit cards.

  • ANZ Low Rate Credit Card – 0% Balance Transfer
  • ANZ Platinum Credit Card
  • ANZ First Credit Card
  • ANZ Business 55 Interest-Free Days
  • ANZ Business Low Rate
  • ANZ Frequent Flyer Black Credit Card
  • ANZ Frequent Flyer Platinum Credit Card
  • ANZ Rewards Black Credit Card
  • ANZ Rewards Platinum Credit Card
  • ANZ Rewards Travel Adventures Card
  • ANZ Frequent Flyer Credit Card
  • ANZ Rewards Credit Card
  • ANZ Business Black Credit Card
  • ANZ Business Rewards Options Credit Card

How to Apply for ANZ Credit Card Application?

If you have to go ahead considering the requirements and eligibility to apply for an ANZ credit card. After this is completed, you can follow the steps given below.

Step 1: The user has to first go to the ANZ credit card page. []

Step 2: After that clicking on ‘Compare our cards‘ will reach the page of Compare credit cards. From there you will get to see 4 credit cards. Select the one for which you want to apply.

  • Low Annual Fee cards
  • Low-Interest Rate card
  • Rewards cards
  • Frequent Flyer cards

Step 3: When you have selected your card, then you have to click on the Apply Now button given below. Remember, some questions have to be answered.

Step 4: Now you have to choose between a New customer or an existing customer. If you are new then choose New customer. Otherwise, sign in on Existing customers. And move on to the application.

  • New customer – In this section, you have to enter personal details, address, extra details, Your tax residency and Verbal security code and click on ‘continue’.
  • Existing customer – In this section, you have to login by entering your Customer Registration Number and Password.

Step 5: Then complete the ANZ Credit Card Application. Click on Submit submit button.

Eligibility for ANZ Credit Card

  • Make sure you are 18 years of age or older.
  • You are an Australian citizen, Australian permanent resident, or New Zealand citizen or have more than 9 months left on a valid work visa, student visa, business visa or investor visa.

Requirements of ANZ Credit Card

In order to proceed with your credit card application, you will need to supply the following documents for the ANZ Application.

If you’re an Australian citizen

Full-time and Part-time PAYG Slip – You will need to provide the payslip(s) covering 3 months’ worth of payments to your nominated bank account.​

Casual Employees – You will need to provide payslip(s) covering 6 months’ worth of payments to your nominated bank account.​

Self Employed Individuals Your most recent personal tax return prepared by a registered taxation agent (all pages) and the relevant ATO Notice of Assessment is not more than 18 months old AND

Pensioner, Government benefits and Retires – Within the last 30 days of your credit card application, you must provide a letter or statement of benefit statement from Centrelink.

Overseas Pension – You must provide a statement confirming your overseas pension within 30 days of your credit card application.

If you’re a non-Australian permanent resident

  • When a working visa must be in place and your visa must have at least 9 remaining months.
  • Provide a copy of a recent employment contract, along with a passport photo page must be included.
  • The Australian visa page and income proof are also required to be provided as per the list.

On Business Visa

  • A current copy of your employment contract (if applicable) will be required.
  • A copy of the photo page of your passport is required.
  • A copy of the Australian visa page or a confirmation of your visa electronically from the Australian Department of Immigration.
  • Provide proof of income as listed above.

How long does it take to get approved for an ANZ credit card?

When will I get my new credit card? – After applying for your new ANZ credit card, the application length is 5 minutes and is approved within about 5 business days.

How to check the ANZ credit card application status?

It takes four working days from the time of application submission to review, sometimes even more.

When you apply the application, you can get your status information after 4 working days by calling their 24/7 helpline number 1800 1559.

ANZ Customer Care Number

  • For your problem or information, you should contact on the given mobile number. If you are a resident of Australia you can call 0800 269 296.
  • If you are calling abroad you need to call +64 4 470 3142.

aNZ credit card application contact

Type of enquiryContact numbersOnline enquiry &
more information
Credit card enquiries – existing account holders13 22 73
Intl: +61 3 8693 5077
Credit cards
Enquire now
New credit card applications13 33 33Weekdays
8am – 8pm (AEST)
Credit cards
Apply online
Lost or stolen credit cards1800 033 844
Intl: +61 3 8693 5077

aNZ credit card application processing time

Once your application is approved, an approval SMS will be sent to you. Your new ANZ Credit Card will be ready for collection at your designated ANZ branch after 1 working day from the date of confirmation of approval.

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