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candy funhouse job application

How to Apply Candy funhouse job application (Chief Candy Officer)

If you want to be a candy funhouse chief candy officer, then you have the best opportunity to get the $100,000 CAD (around $77.5K USD) salary. oh! it’s real, yes this is absolutely real.

All Chief Candy Officers will be paid $100,000.00 CAD annually after getting the job. if you are interested in this job please read the carefully, Candy funhouse application process.

Candy funhouse job application

Candy Funhouse is looking for a Chief Candy Officer. The all-seeing LinkedIn job description reads, “Fun, a passion for the pop culture and a sweet tooth.”

This is a remote situation for Canadian and US citizens. Salary is $100,000 CAD (approximately $77.5K USD), and anyone who is five years of age or older is eligible to apply. The main objective of the position is to test the different candies on the list and decide whether to approve them or not.

If you prefer sweets over yummy treats then visit Candy Funhouse’s career page or their LinkedIn listing. To apply, you have to give your name, number, and email. And you are all set! You have time till August 31 to apply.

Candy Funhouse job position

Currently, Candy funhouse job openings are available, you can take a look at the job positions and their salary given below.

  1. Chief Candy Officer – Pay Rate: $100,000.00 CAD annually
  2. Social Media Personality – Pay Rate: $17-$24 hourly
  3. Shopify Developer – Pay Rate: $120,000-$160,000 annually
  4. Search Engine Optimization Copywriter – Pay Rate: $16-$22 hourly

How to Apply for Candy Funhouse Chief Candy Officer application?

If you want to apply the application for the candy funhouse chief candy officer position. you can fill out the form directly from its official website. follow the step and complete the application process.

Step 1: First of all, Go to the official candy careers page –

Step 2: Scroll down and you can see the “Chief Candy Officer – Apply on

Step 3: Then, Fill out the required details (Name, Email, Phone Number, Upload your resume and Upload your cover letter (Optional)) in the form.

Step 4: After that, Tap on Submit button.

4 Steps to apply for Candy Funhouse Job Application

To apply for the “candy funhouse job” online for Chief Candy Officer, Social Media Personality or Shopify Developer, and Search Engine Optimization Copywriter.

  1. You need to visit the official careers page –
  2. Scroll down and select the job position you want, then click on the Linkedin: Apply Now button.
  3. Now you will be reached on Linkedin, click on apply now, and provide your personal details like name, address, date of birth, email, resume and required information.
  4. Once you complete the candy funhouse job form, please review and submit the application.

What are the Requirements?

  • Excitement and eagerness to try confectionery products
  • creative mind
  • born leader
  • golden taste buds
  • clear sweet tooth
  • excellent communication skills
  • fluent in English
  • no food allergies
  • Knows how to have fun!

Responsibilities and Duties of Chief Candy Officer:

  • Test 3500+ products on a monthly basis
  • Be the Leading Taste Tester
  • Approve candy inventory and reward Spotlight Official “CCO (Chief Candy Officer) Stamp of Approval” Treats
  • Decide what new products Candy Funhouse will offer
  • Lead the “Funhouse” candy strategy
  • run candy board meeting
  • all things fun!


  • No previous experience is necessary

Who is eligible?

Eligibility Criteria for Candy funhouse chief candy officer – We are looking for the world’s first and only Chief Candy Officer. This opportunity is for work from home, with the option to work out of Toronto, Canada (Canadian resident) or Newark, New Jersey (US resident). Open to anyone aged 5+ living in North America. you must require the Personal details and Resume, active phone number, email address and etc.

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