How to Apply for NCAT application Online and Form Download

NCAT application form: NCAT deals with a wide range of everyday issues and controversies. These include resolving disputes about tenancy and building works, decisions about guardianship and administrative review of government decisions. Here the application process may be different for different types of cases. And this time limit may also apply.

How to Apply for NCAT application?

You can apply to NCAT to make certain decisions, review decisions or settle any dispute, complete details are provided here. To start the proceedings in NCAT you have to fill out an application form and lodge with the appropriate fee.

Step to apply for NCAT Application Online?

Step 1: First of all, you need to click on the given Online Application link.

Step 2: Scroll down and click on the Apply now button.

Step 3: You see the NCAT Online is available for the following application types.

Step to apply for NCAT Application Online
Step to apply for NCAT Application Online
  • Tenancy
  • Social housing
  • Consumer claims (General)
  • Home building
  • Motor vehicles
  • Residential communities

Step 4: After that, check the term and conditions and select the mandatory fields. and go to the next page.

NCAT Application Online
NCAT Application Online

Step 5: Now, Enter the Applicant 1 Details (Your details) like – Name, phone number and email. then go to the next page.

ncat application online apply
ncat application online apply

Step 6: Now enter the other party’s name and contact details.

Step 7: Select the order which you want NCAT to do.

Step 8: Also, provide the reasons you want to create those commands.

Step 9: Once you have completed the entire application, you have to review the application and submit the form.

NCAT Application Form

Applicants can apply online for the following case types – tenancy, social housing, consumer claims, home building, motor vehicles and residential communities. the above step to apply online. but you can download the NCAT application form in pdf, and you can print and fill it out and submit it.

Download link – Click here

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Fees and charges for filing applications, appeals and other services in NCAT are provided.