How to Apply for Tesco Clubcard Online, Requirement, Eligibility, Customer service

If You Also How To Apply Tesco Clubcard Online? You have reached the right place for step by step guide. As you may know, Tesco Clubcards allow you to save money and receive vouchers when purchasing Tesco products. Users can use it to apply in person, online, over the phone or by text.

The important thing is that you will start with a temporary card, and will also need to fill out further forms to get a permanent card. Points earned on your temporary card will be transferred to the permanent card. Below are all the process guides.

How to Apply for Tesco Clubcard online?

  1. First of all, Go to the official Clubcard page or website.
  2. You will then need to enter your full name, address, mobile number, date of birth, UK postcode and email address.
  3. Then, you have to scroll down the page. Enter the security code mentioned there.
  4. After that press on ‘Confirm’.
  5. Sign up for the Tesco Clubcard now.
  6. After that login, you have to click on ‘My Clubcard Account.
  7. After that, the user has to fill out the complete form. Also, view your Clubcard points and Clubcard details.
  8. After all these processes the physical card will reach your mailbox.

Tesco Clubcard Customer Service

  • 0330 123 1688  is free from a BT landline, cost varies with other providers
  • 0800 591 688 All mobile and private telephones are charged at local rates

Tesco Clubcard Application Requirements & Eligible

The participating customer must be at least 18 years of age, and must also be a regular buyer at Tesco stores and fuel pumps.

Is Tesco Clubcard free?

Tesco Clubcard is free. You will be able to use it easily on any phone set like Android or iPhone. And you can apply by following the mentioned method.

How to get Tesco Clubcard application form?

Users can get the Tesco Clubcard application form from the customer service desk at their store, after contacting them you will get the form, which you can easily fill and submit yourself.

How to add Tesco Clubcard to Apple Wallet?

  1. First, download the Tesco Clubcard app.
  2. After that three lines will be found on the menu option.
  3. Now click on Apple Wallet.
  4. After that add the app to Apple Wallet.
  5. On Apple Wallet, you get to see a Clubcard with a QR code.

Note: Also you can see with the help of the point tracker on the top right corner.

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