Wheel trans application online (PDF Form Download) – How to Apply

What is the wheel trans application?

The Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) operates and maintains a public transit system in and around the City of Toronto. Both conventional and specialized transport services (wheel-trans) are available in this system.

Wheel-Trans provides a means of safe and reliable transport for persons with disabilities to travel with freedom and dignity. If their disability prevents them from utilising TTC’s conventional transportation or for part of their journey, applicants may be qualified for wheel-trans service.

Physical, sensory, cognitive, and mental health disorders, among others, are included in the Ontario Human Rights Code as permanent and/or temporary disabilities.

What is the Wheel-Trans Application Eligibility

Wheel-trans are divided into three categories of eligibility in accordance with the Integrated Accessibility Standards Regulation (IASR O. Reg. 191/11) and the Ontarians for Disabilities Act (Aoda) 2005. which is like this.

Unconditionally – a disabled person who prohibits using conventional transit.

Conditional – a person with a disability where environmental or physical constraints limit their ability to use conventional transit consistently. An applicant who qualifies for conditional service may be able to use conventional transit for all or part of his or her journey, but under specific circumstances (eg, weather, travel to a non-accessible location) May also be able to qualify for special transit.

Temporary – a person with a temporary disability that prevents them from using conventional transit. An applicant who qualifies for temporary service needs special transit for a specified period.

How to Apply for Wheel-Trans Service?

The Wheel-Trans Eligibility Application Form (Application) is made available at www.ttc.ca/wheeltrans, or you can call 416-393-4111. Alternative accessible formats are available upon request.

Those who qualify for this and are interested in becoming Wheel-Trans customers should complete and sign the application. To ensure a speedy and seamless application process, one has to ensure that the application is completed in full. And incomplete forms may be returned to the applicant for completion.

Wheel trans application form

You need to download the application form and fill out all the Sections in the form.

Apply for Wheel trans application
Apply for Wheel trans application

Section A: It contains questions about your everyday mobility and ability to use conventional transit and is completed by you/your representative. Section A also requests that you certify that the information you/your representative has provided to Wheel-Trans is accurate.

Section B: You agree to contact your health care professional for additional information or clarification if requested.

Section C: This section is completed by your healthcare professional and requests your healthcare professional to certify that the information they have provided to Wheel-Trans is accurate. If you need more than one health care professional to fill out the form, make copies of sections B and C.

Section D: This section is completed by you/your representative and allows Wheel-Trans to share your information with other transit properties within the Greater Toronto and Hamilton (GTHA) area if you wish to travel to other areas.

Section E: It is to be completed if you want to apply for the TTC Help Person Assistance Card. Some wheel-trans customers need extra assistance while travelling, and need a support person to travel with them. Under the TTC Support Person Policy and AODA, a Support Person is someone who “helps a person with a disability with communication, mobility, personal care or medical needs or access to goods, services or facilities”. Wheel-trans operators are unable to provide the service of a support person because they are focused on what they do best; Providing safe and reliable transportation. If you need a support person, you will need to provide one. If you wish to apply for the card at the same time you submit your application, complete Section E with your healthcare professional.

How to Apply for Wheel trans Application Online?

Step 1: First of all, You need to visit the official wheel trans application online portal – https://portal.ttc.ca/

Apply for Wheel trans application
Apply for Wheel trans application

Step 2: If you are an existing user you can sign in and complete the application. but if you are First time user, you have to register your account.

Step 3: After that, click on the “Apply Now ” button and Enter all required details such as First Name, Registration ID, Date of Birth, Email and password.

Wheel trans application Online
Wheel trans application Online

Step 4: Check the “I am not a robot” then click on the Register Option.

Step 5: Now you will get the confirmation link on your Registered Email. open your email and verify and sign in to your account.

Step 6: Once you log in, you will see the three-step Profile, Application, and Assistant card.

Step 7: Then click on the profile Fill out all the required detail and complete the application.

Step 8: After that, review the application and submit it.

How do contact the customers?

Completed applications must be sent to the attention of the Wheel-Trans Application by one of the following methods:

• By mail: 580 Commissioners Street, Toronto, Ontario, M4M 1A7
• Email: WTEligibility@ttc.ca
• Fax to: 416-338-0126

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