AquaVault Shark Tank Update: What happened after the Shark Tank

Through today’s post, you will get an aqua vault shark tank update, what is the net worth, who is its founder? And what happened to AquaVault after the Shark Tank update? You can know from here.

What is AquaVault?

Aquavault is a portable safe that attaches to stationary objects like a beach chair or stroller and helps to secure people’s belongings at the beach, pool, waterpark, etc., providing peace of mind to all vacationers When they go swimming their valuables are safe from theft.

The main highlight of the AquaVault durable is that it is made of high-impact plastic and is large enough to lock purses, cell phones, jewellery and other valuables. For this it is beneficial.

Who is the Founder of AquaVault?

The founders of AquaVault are Jonathan Kinas, Evin Samtani and Rob Peck. These three people were in different positions before the establishment of AquaVault. Among them, Kinas worked in finance, Peck was the owner/CEO of Blue Rise LLC, and Samtani was the Managing Principal of Venetian Capital Partners.

And now Evin Samtani is AquaVault’s Chief Operating Officer while Rob Peck is AquaVault’s CEO.

Aqua Vault Shark Tank Update

Aqua Vault Shark Tank Update
Aqua Vault Shark Tank Update

In Aqua Vault Shark Tank Update, Shark Tank has appeared in the TV show. In Beyond the Tank episode 203, Aqua Vault has an in-depth update piece about their deal with Daymond.

And in season nine episode 911, they introduce their second product, FlexSafe. It was a slash and water resistant safe, which is basically an RFID barrier to keep credit cards safe.

They also introduced the FlexSafe Mini, a waterproof phone case and a credit card sized phone charger.

Let me tell you, Aqua Vault can also be easily rented in over 200 hotels like Marriott, Disney, Margaritaville, Universal Orlando, Atlantis, Hilton and many more

This company is in business till August 2021. They have closed a StartEngine stock sale for $1,069,663 – $7 per share. And its lifetime sales are up to $10 million.

What happened to AquaVault after Shark Tank update?

Is AquaVault Still In Business? – Aquavault is still in business today and is currently selling similar items through their website. And it is helping millions of people to keep their belongings safe.

In addition to AquaVault, they also offer a range of other products to the masses including a waterproof phone case, credit card size phone charger, and the FlexSafe, a waterproof, anti-theft bag that can be carried anywhere.

Aqua vault net worth 

According to the report here, the exact aqua vault net worth information has not been received. But this company is in business till August 2021. They closed the StartEngine stock sale for $1,069,663 – $7 per share and have lifetime sales of around $10 million.

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