Audio breaks & Cuts in out on Speaker calls on iPhone 13 Pro Max

Audio breaks/Cuts in out on Speaker calls on iPhone 13 Pro Max ?

If you are also a user of Apple flagship, then you must be facing problems with calls to many users in Apple’s latest flagship iPhone.

Talking about the problem, the iPhone is cutting audio with FaceTime calls on speakerphone networks or with normal audio/calls from WhatsApp/Facebook Messenger and others.

And in such a situation, the other party who is on the call reports that when the iPhone is placed on the speaker, the sound is cut off. This makes it seem that the iPhone is underwater or blows like a lot of wind.

And in this iPhone 13 Pro Max, the speakerphone cuts in and out and the talk is not done well. It’s starting to get very difficult.

iPhone bad speaker calls audio with all different network service providers like AT&T, Verizon etc.

Audio cut-offs are prominent on iPhone 13 Pro and so users are receiving complaints that people don’t understand well while using speakerphone on iPhone 13 / iOS 15.

Even the issue is happening on iPhone 13 with the latest iOS 15.1 update, audio stutter and cut sound on speakerphone calls.

In such a situation, if you are thinking of how to fix iPhone 13 audio cutting / stuttering on speakerphone, then read the steps given below carefully.

How to fix iPhone 13 Audio cutting/Stuttering on Speakerphone: iOS 15

Here are the solution and fix methods of iPhone 13 audio cutting and stuttering on speakerphone…

Audio breaks/Cuts in out on Speaker calls on iPhone 13 Pro Max ?
Audio breaks/Cuts in out on Speaker calls on iPhone 13 Pro Max

Method 1: Toggle Noise cancellation on iPhone

By the way, iPhones have been the cause of many such audio-related issues. You can try turning on/off the noise cancellation setting on your iPhone. It can be of help to you too.

But some of the iPhones like the iPhone 13 Pro don’t have a toggle option in settings for noise cancellation and we hope it can be added in future.

Method 2: Find a silent place

If the iPhone 13 speakerphone is cutting audio when there is noise in the background, the audio chops/cuts only if there is some background noise.

Just as it seems the iPhone 13 doesn’t differentiate between noise and user voice on speakerphone. So you go to a quiet place and then try to talk to the iphone.

Method 3: Try removing case from iPhone

Cases can also be caused by putting on iPhone 13 audio cutting/stuttering. So you immediately try to remove the case from iPhone 13 and try speaker phone call. Because it can be improved. Many users who have waterproof cases experienced that this problem is caused by the case itself. (Why & How to Fix) Your account has been disabled in the app store and itunes

Method 4: Reset iPhone 13 settings

The most important solution to fix iPhone 13 audio stutter/cut on speaker calls is to reset your iPhone to default settings.

The best option is for you to reset that iPhone to default setting. You have to follow the steps to reset.

Go to iPhone Settings >> General >> Reset or Move iPhone >> Reset All Settings.

Note – This will not delete any data from iPhone but all network settings like WiFi setting will be reset and then the percentage of audio cut off problems on your iPhone increases.