Bakerripley utility assistance application 2022 – How to Apply & check The status

Bakerripley utility assistance program 2022 application

BakerRiplay is working to provide millions of dollars in bill support to thousands of families struggling to pay their utility bills.

“Our utility assistance program reaches Brazoria, Galveston, and Harris counties,” says Glynis Herron, manager of Bakerripley utility assistance program operations.

Heron said the nonprofit has about $15 million in federal funds. And those money can be used to help cover electricity, gas, propane and water bills. This also includes repair of A/C and heater.

Heron said the organization hopes to help at least 7,000 families. And those with the disconnection notice take priority.

“We take it to heart. We don’t want anyone to have electricity. We don’t want anyone to cut gas,” he said.

Let us tell you that to qualify for the Bakerripley utility assistance program, you must be a US citizen or legal resident. You will also need to share your utility bills with BakerReplay and prove your income.

Manager Heron said that we have specific funds that can be set aside even if the income of the families is high.

It takes approximately six to eight weeks for the Bakerripley utility assistance application to be processed.

With costs rising across the board, helping pay utilities later this year could free up some cash, especially for neighbours on a fixed incomes.

If you need medicine, if you need food, if you need home repairs then you can actually use your money where it is needed.

If you need help paying your utility bills, it’s available. You can find applications for the Utility Assistance Program online at BakerReplay’s website. The application is made available for download in both English and Spanish. follow the step to apply for Utility Assistance Program online.

How to Apply for Bakerripley utility assistance application?

This program helps families and individuals pay their electricity and gas bills in Brazoria, Galveston and Harris Counties. Those willing to apply can do so by downloading the application. For this follow the step.

Bakerripley utility assistance application 2022
Bakerripley utility assistance application 2022

Step 1: First of all, you need to visit the official website of the Bakerripley utility assistance program.

[Website is]

Step 2: Step 2: After that, click on English to download the English form and Spanish for the Spanish link.

Step 3: Print out the BakerReplay Utility Assistance 2022 application and fill out the all required details in the form and complete it. In which the full page is 1-5 and answers to all questions are 1-17.

Step 4: once you complete the form you will have to submit by Mail or Fax in this address.

BakerRipley – Utility Assistance

3838 AberdeenWay
Houston, TX 77025

OR Fax Number: (832) 295‐5834

What are the Eligibility Requirements?

The eligibility requirements of the Bakerripley utility assistance application are as follows:

  • Must be a resident of Brazoria, Galveston, or Harris County
  • Proof of identity must be shown for all household members – current/valid Texas driver
  • Proof of citizenship or legal residency must be provided for all members of the household – US Passport, US Birth Certificate, US permanent resident Card
  • Meet income requirements (click here to view income guidelines)
  • All household members 18 years of age and older must provide proof of income for the past 30 days – such as employer gross pay, Social Security, unemployment, SNAP, TANF, child support, adoption subsidy, food stamp award letter, retirement, V.A. disability, etc.
  • Must give a copy of the electricity bill
  • Should provide a copy of the current gas bill (if applicable)

How to check bakerripley utility assistance check status?

To check the bakerripley utility assistance check status, you can contact the Utility Assistance Hotline at 713-590-2327 and the United Way of Greater Houston Helpline at 2-1-1 or 713-957-4357.

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