Bionic Reading for Android: Viral ‘Bionic Reading’ Tool API for iPhone and Mac

Bionic reading

The new ‘bionic’ reading method is changing the way you read, aA new viral ‘bionic reading’ tool is making a splash on the internet and is trending. Because it is capable of completely changing the way you read and consume content.

Bionic Reading was created by Swiss developer Renato Cassat, and the device is described as “a new method that simplifies the process of reading by guiding the eye through text with artificial fixation points.” Basically, the Bionic reading tool separates out individual parts of words, highlights only the initial letters and allows your brain to do the rest. And then easily take advantage of the Bionic reading API tools. Read more information about it below.

What is Bionic Reading?

Bionic readings are a new way of facilitating the process of reading by guiding the eyes through text with artificial fixation points. The main thing is that the reader is focusing only on the highlighted initial letters and let the brain center complete the word.

Bionic reading
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In a digital world dominated by shallow forms of reading, bionic reading aims to encourage more in-depth reading and understanding of written material.

This Viral ‘Bionic Reading’ Tool for iPhone and Mac Is Beneficial for You

The Bionic Reading API for converting text is already available online, and the platform is already available on both iPhones and Mac. Two iPhone apps, Reader 5 and Lira, as well as the Mac app Fairy Feeds (also an RSS reader), have integrated the technology on both the Mac and iPhone, allowing developers to see what Bionic Reading does on our phones and tablets. How does it change the way the content is viewed.

APIs allow developers to adjust fixes to make them stronger or weaker (highlights more or fewer letters), frequency of fixes, and opacity, which determines how they compare to the rest of the text. are visible. You can also customize the font, font size, line height, spacing and column width.

Developer Renato Kasut says that Bionic Reading happened when he was trying to design a book for a Swiss author that was written in a language he didn’t understand.

Cassutt struggled to read but could understand words when spoken aloud. He says he realized that as little bits of words as they were written, he could associate them with similar words in his own language that he already knew. Incidentally, he also found that the device helped his classmates read faster, and Bionic Reading was born.

What apps is Bionic Reading available with?

The prototypes of Bionic Reading currently available in these apps include Silvio (CH), Lucas (AT) and Kunal (IN). And now comes the BR API to provide reading mode in your favorite app.

Why Bionic Reading API Tools

Bionic reading is intended to play a supporting role in the absorption of volume text. More technological advancements will come as an opportunity for all those who want to enjoy the pleasure of reading in a noisy and busy world in a focused way and without distractions.


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