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Carrom King Game Review and How to play carrom king

Today, we will give you great game information, we will tell you about the Indian Carrom Board game, by playing it you can correct your mood. If you are also a lover of Carrom Board, then read this post.

The name of the Indian carrom board game that I am talking about is Carrom king. And this is an Indian game. It has been published by Gametion Technologies Pvt Ltd of our India. You will find many new features in it. Let’s talk about it

Carrom king game review 

carrom king,carrom board game download,carrom king download,carrom 3d, caram king, karrom king, carrom king review, carrom feature
carrom king review

This is a board game, first, you play it on wooden carrom made from home, but now it will run smoothly on your mobile online. You can also play it on your Android and iPhone.

It is often liked by Carrom or Karrom board because people enjoy a different game. In Carrom king, you get multiplayer with whom you can play the game.

Carrom king has been made the company make Ludo King game. Ludo King is also an Indian application that is liked by many people. In the same way, the Carrom King has started liking people.

You can play Carrom king very easily on your mobile phone and you can play it on a PC also. The process of downloading it is explained below.

Like the Ludo king app, people have started liking Carrom king as well. Because like Ludo, its interface is completely 3D graphics. You can play with your friends or family from anywhere.

Carrom King Features

  • This is an Indian application. And is absolutely free.
  • In this Multiplayer Game Modes are available to play.
  • And you can play it with your friends.
  • Single Player Offline Mode is also available here.
  • In Carrom king, you get different design frames and 3D pieces.
  • You can play it by creating an account on Facebook and guest.
  • You also get the option to play with the computer here. An option is available in Ludo King.
  • The coin can be collected by spin in it.

How to download Carrom king

To download Carrom king, you just have to follow the steps below.

1. Go to mobile’s play store or Appstore. [According to your os devices]

2. Then search Carrom king.

3. Firstly, you will see Carrom king install it.

4. Then you can open and create an account.

To create an account in Carrom king, you get two options, one is Facebook and the other guest, click on either of them, and you can log in to Carrom king. Now let’s talk about how you will play.

How to play carrom king

To play this game, you must first install and create an account. Then login in it like I told in the above steps. Now follow the step below to play it.

As soon as you open it, you will get to see 4 options. online multiplayer, vs computer, pass & play and trick shots.

  1. After that you have to play from the computer, then you have to click on vs computer.
  2. If you want to play with friends online then you have to click on online multiplayer.
  3. Click pass & play to be called pass & play game.
  4. In the trick shots game, you get to practice.

So you know how to play Carrom King, but now talk about how you will collect coins in Carrom king.

How to collect coins in Carrom king

You get a lot of options in this. To collect the coin for free.

1. You have to see ads to get a coin for free. You will get coins for free.

2. You get the option to spin in Carrom king, you can spin and collect coins.

3. You can deposit coins by login into your account from Facebook.

4. You can collect coins with free gifts. You get an option to advertise and collect for this.

5. You can buy coins by paying money for them.

Hope you all liked this information, then share this post with your friends and also inspire them to play Carrom Board.