cbs news app,not working

CBS News app Not Working or Down (How to Fix)

The CBS news app does not work or keeps crashing on Android phones. As a result, this issue is visible when you launch the app or even when it is already running. It happens because of corrupted temporary data or corrupted app files and old versions.

If you are facing issues such as the CBS News app not working or down on your iPhone, Android, PC, or Roku, you will need to perform a series of troubleshooting steps on your phone to resolve the issue. You can read about troubleshooting.

Why is my CBS News app Not Working?

Due to problems such as server down, app maintenance, technical errors, bugs and glitches, the service of the app is interrupted and the CBS News app does not work.

  • If your internet or Wi-Fi connection is unstable.
  • The Crash of the CBS New App.
  • A Bug and Glitch.
  • Maintenance mode for security purposes or to add new features.
  • The app may be down due to the server being busy.
  • You haven’t updated CBS News app in a long time.
  • There is more user engagement.
  • Your devices do not support the latest version.
  • It may not be available for free in your country.
  • Disable your VPN.

How to Fix the CBS News app not working?

cbs news app,not working
cbs news app not working

If you want to fix this problem easily, then read the following guide below.

Fix 1: Download the CBS News app from the Google Play and Apple App Stores and update it.

Fix 2: Check the mobile devices’ time zone.

Fix 3: Switch off your devices and restart them again.

Fix 4: Delete the app and reinstall it again.

Fix 5: Check your mobile device compatibility.

Fix 6: Clear cbs news app cache files

  • For Android users, Go to settings >> Apps>> select CBS News app>> click on storage>> Tap to Clear cache. the app cache will be cleared.
  • For iOS User, Go to setting>> General >> iPhone Storage >>Select CBS News app>> Click on the Offload App>> reinstall app.

Fix 7: Turn off VPN when connecting to original servers.

Fix 8: Contact customer care

CBS news app not working on Roku

If the CBS news channel (app) is not working on Roku, it means you are using an outdated version. Please try deleting it, rebooting, and reinstalling it to fix it, but it may be unsuccessful. The fix will keep you updated with the latest security patches and features and will try a factory reset to see if it will be successful.

CBSN not loading live news

If CBSN is not loading live news, then you should talk to their customer service to resolve your issue. Email:

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Is the CBS News app banned?

At present, it is not banned anywhere. It doesn’t work due to technical errors, bugs, glitches and unsupportable devices.

Is the CBS News app down?

Yes, it is down on Android, iPhone, and all devices. You can update your CBS News app Restart your phone, clear the cache file, and check device compatibility.

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