Here are the Steps to Change Hulu Age Restriction in 2022

You can set up parental controls or age restrictions by creating a kids profile, which displays content suitable for all ages to enjoy. You can also enable PIN protection to require a PIN to access non-children’s profiles or to create a new one.

Hulu is a subscription-based service provider that streams movies and TV shows. Hulu can be accessed through devices such as Roku boxes, gaming consoles, Apple TVs, Amazon Fire products, or online through a web browser. It is also available as an app download for smartphones and tablets for use on the go.

By the way, there is a restriction on your age here, and you can also impose it. Because the Hulu platform is for 18+ people and also for others. Children cannot see it, but the age restriction can be changed. If for some reason this happens here’s how you can change the Hulu age restriction. It is also mandatory.

Must read the complete post, which will guide you step by step on how to Change Hulu Age Restriction?, and how to change the age limit on Hulu.

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How to change Hulu age restriction?

  1. First, go to Hulu’s official site, and sign in to your Hulu account.
  2. Select the profile you want to change.
  3. After that click on Menu Tab.
  4. Then, after selecting the profile you want to edit, move your cursor over the profile name.
  5. Click on the pencil icon there.
  6. Tap the mark to turn it off, which will turn off Kids Mode.
  7. Now verify your child’s age.
  8. Click Save.
  9. By doing this you can easily set Hulu age restrictions. And now you can use it easily.

Can You Restrict Content On Hulu?

Yes, to update or remove content restrictions on a profile, go to your Hulu Account Management page and select the pencil icon next to the profile. Click on the toggle switch under Kids and turn it off.

How to Change Hulu age restriction on Android?

To change the Hulu age restriction on android devices, you must follow the step below.

  1. Open the Android Hulu app.
  2. Go to your Account tab.
  3. Navigate to the section where the entire profile appears.
  4. Select the profile whose restrictions you want to change.
  5. Open an account for that profile.
  6. Click on the Edit Profile tab.
  7. Save the changes by turning off the age restriction.
  8. Click to Confirm changes.

How to Change Hulu age restriction on iPhone?

  1. First of all, install and open Hulu on your iPhone.
  2. After that, log in to your Hulu account.
  3. Select Profile and choose the profile you want to edit.
  4. Click the Edit Profile option.
  5. Scroll and Tap to turn off parental controls.
  6. then save settings.

How to Set up a Hulu Kids Profile on the Web

Here’s a step-by-step guide for creating a profile that’s limited to kid-friendly content.

  1. First of all, Go to
  2. Then, log in to your account using your login credentials.
  3. Select your name in the upper-right corner, and then choose Manage Profiles.
  4. Then select Add Profile.
  5. Enter a name for the profile, then select the toggle switch under Kids and set it to the On position.
  6. Select Create Profile Now.
  7. Hulu asks you who is watching the next time you log in. When you select a children’s profile, Hulu will not recommend adult content, nor will adult content appear in the search.

How do I enable, disable, or change my PIN?

To turn on PIN protection, go to your profile settings, for this follow the steps below:

Step 1: Go to and hover over your profile icon, then select Manage Profiles.

Step 2: Toggle or select the action you want:

  1. To enable turn on PIN protection
  2. To disable turn off PIN protection
  3. To change the PIN, click on Manage PIN

Step 3: And enter your password

Step 4: If you want to change your PIN, enter your new PIN and select Save Changes

Note: Your password will be required if you choose to change your PIN or disable PIN protection in the future. Once the PIN is created, viewers are prompted to enter a PIN to switch to all non-Kids profiles.

How to change the age limit on Hulu?

Log in to your account page on a web or mobile browser, view your Account section, and click Update Information next to Personal Information. Enter your name, date of birth (month and day) and gender, depending on your billing method. make changes. You can increase the limit further. And you may be able to update other information through your account page.

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So through the above, you learned “How to Change Hulu Age Restriction?” You can easily change the age restriction by following the above steps. And this is important for you too.

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