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Hello friends, welcome to techonroid Blog. In today’s post, we have told you about the cred app. Which is an Indian credit card bill payment app. About which people often want to know. In this post we will give you what is cred app, cred app Wikipedia, and what country is the cred app. I will tell you all the information related to all these things. Make sure to read this article carefully.

Cred app Wikipedia

Cred is an Indian fintech startup and a unicorn outside Bengaluru, Karnataka. And the cred app has been set up by Kunal Shah. The main feature of this app allows users to make credit card payments through this app. For which he has been awarded the award.

After some time the Cred App allows people to pay rent to the houses of the people. And criticisms have also been received due to CRED’s business model and lack of valuation and a solid monetization plan.

Cred company details

Through the table here Cred company details Full details of it have been given.

Type of business Private
Established November 2018; 2 years ago
Headquarters Bengaluru, India
Area served India
Founder (s) Kunal Shah
CEO Kunal Shah
  • Lifestyle
  • Finance
Services Credit Card Bills, Loans, Rent

What is CRED app?

CRED app is a credit card bill payment app. Which comes under Finance category. Along with paying bills on the CRED app, you can also get CRED Coins and unlock the membership for the product along with winning big prizes.

Android mobile and iPhone users can easily use the CRED app. People can download this app from Google Playstore and Apple Appstore. Below is the procedure described for downloading it.

Who is the owner of the cred app (Cred app owner)

If we talk about who owns Cred App? The simple answer to this is that Malik of credit credit payment is Kunal Shah. And in 2018 itself “FreeCharge app ” Were established.

And now this freecharge app was bought by Axis Bank. And after that CRED credit card bills payment app was launched by Kunal Shah. And CRED was founded only in 2018. Now this cred app is available on the official website and app internet for the user.

Cred app which country

CRED is an Indian fintech startup and unicorn with its Headquarters in Bangalore, Karnataka, India. And that has been discovered by an Indian Kunal Shah.

Some people is cred a Chinese app on Google Baba? Looking for such questions. The direct answer of which I have given in the heading below.

Is cred a Chinese app?

The CRED app is not a Chinese app, it is a Bengaluru-based fintech startup. Which allows the user to pay credit card bills. And it has been searched by Kunal Shah. Who is also the founder of Freecharge.

Who is Cred app founder?

The founder of Cred app is Kunal Shah which was discovered in 2018.

Which country is from CRED App?

Cred App is a full fledged Indian app. The headquarters are located in Bangalore, Karnataka.

is cred app safe?

CRED is safe to use and completely safe.

Cred app owner country

Owner Country of Cred App is also India. Kunal Shah is an Indian.

How to download Cred App for Android?

Users can download the Cred app for Android easily from The Playstore. follow the cred app download link and install the cred app.

  1. Open your Google Playstore on your mobile.
  2. Then, Search Cred app.
  3. and Select the cred app bill payment on your android mobile.


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