Data Breach cash app More than 8 million Cash App users may have been affected by a former employee’s data breach

Here is the big news of data breach cash app to the cash app users. in this, More than 8 million Cash App users may have been affected by a former employee’s data breach. to know more about this data breach cash app, Please read the entire article.

More than 8 million Cash App users may have been affected by a former employee’s data breach

by a former employee of the company More than 8 million users of mobile payments app Cash App could be affected by a data breach after they downloaded a report containing users’ personal information.

According to a report filed with the US Securities and Exchange Commission, on Monday, the financial services company, which owns Cash App and was created by Twitter founder Jack Dorsey. He announced that in December the former employee had downloaded the information.

Although the former employee had access to the information while in employment, the report said the information was downloaded after the employee was no longer with the company.

Block Confirms Data breach cash app  by Former Employee

All of the downloaded data did not contain usernames, passwords, social security numbers or bank account information, but did include full names and brokerage account numbers. Which are used to identify the stock activity of the user on Cash App investment. Certain information was also violated “including brokerage portfolio value, brokerage portfolio holdings and/or stock trading activity for one trading day.”

The filing said the only potentially affected users were those in the U.S. Includes those who use Cash App Invest, which has approximately 8.2 million users.

Block said it is contacting all current and former customers of the facility to provide them with information about the incident and to share resources to answer their questions.

The Block said it has also notified law enforcement of the violation.

data breach cash app
data breach cash app

The Company takes the security of information relating to its customers very seriously and continues to review and strengthen administrative and technical security measures to protect the information of its customers.

“While the Company has not yet completed an investigation into the incident based on its preliminary assessment and currently known information, the Company does not currently believe that this event will have a significant impact on its business, operations or financial results.” The file is called.

Adam Darrah, director of intelligence services at cybersecurity company ZeroFox, told USA Today that the incident shouldn’t directly impact users, but if that data is ultimately stolen, it could affect them.

“This information is not valuable by itself. It has to be combined with other stuff,” Darah said. “The bad guys can then become more adept at their illegal shenanigans, which means breaking into an account and getting stuff out of an account.

“They’ll use their magical machines to try to find specific accounts they can break. It’s most likely here,” he said.

Darah advises all Cash App users to update their passwords and enable Two Factor Authentication (2SV) to protect themselves from any future concerns.

Was Cash App Affected by the Data Breach?

Yes, Cash App was affected by a data breach that affected US customers using Cash App’s investment services.

How to Add Two Factor Authentication (2SV) on Cash App?

To add the Two Factor Authentication (2SV) on Cash App, you must download a Google Authenticator App for Android and iOS. otherwise you can use your phone number to complete this process.

Then Open your Cash App and Go to Setting section. then click on the security option.

Click on the Two Step Verification (2SV) option. and choose Google Authenticator app. Scan QR Code and Enter 6 digit Code from Google Authenticator App which is live. After doing this you can be safe.

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