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Exam.net App download for Android, iOS and PC windows | How does exam.net detect cheating?

Today we will tell you about easy to use and secure exam platform “exam.net app”. Nowadays, along with the increasing technology in the digital world, everything has started going online. And the level of education has also increased a lot at the digital level. In such a situation, exams have started being done online. That’s why we present you exam.net app today, a strong, easy-to-use and secure exam platform, the best website and application that people can easily use as students and teachers.

What is Exam.net app?

Exam.net app is a kind of tool or platform which helps teachers to take digital exams with their students. Teachers can easily prepare for their exams. And can use the existing exam. And teachers can access their students with the exam key, a simple and secure digital exam location.

Exam.net was initially created to serve Swedish schools and universities, and in Sweden, the Exam net app or portal is now used for high-stakes national exams.

From 2020 it is available outside Sweden and every day around 100,000 students all over the world use this exam net to write online exams.

Exam.net download windows 10

If you want to download exam.net download on your PC windows 10 then you can do it easily. For this, you have to read the below method carefully.

1. First of all download and install Emulator in your pc windows. such as bluestacks and Nox Player.
2. After that sign in with your Gmail.
3. Now you have to click on the google play store given in the emulator.
4. After that you install the exam.net app. and use it on your computer.

Exam.net download for iPhone

  1. First of all, go to Apple Appstore.
  2. After that type “Exam.net” and search.
  3. And after that, install the app.

Exam.net download for Android

  1. First of all, go to the Google Play store.
  2. After that type “Exam.net” and search.
  3. And after that, install the app.

How does exam.net detect cheating?

The best way to detect Exam.net is there. During and after the exam, the teacher is informed about suspected cheating. For example, the computer or devices of the examinee can be checked manually. and see logged suspicious incidents to see how students are cheating.

How to use exam.net?

To use the app, you get two options – Students and Teachers. You can use it according to you.

If you are a student or a teacher, first of all, go to the website “https://exam.net/en”.

If you are a student then click on it. And click on “Enter Exam key”. To proceed by clicking on Next.

If you are a teacher then click on Teacher. Fill in more details. And click on Register. After that, you can easily use the exam.net portal or app.

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