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Faug 1.0 Beta Game APK Download For Android:- Today I will tell you about the Faug Game because it is very important information. Must read through this. All of you are also eagerly waiting for the Faug Game. Because since Pubg Mobile and Pubg Lite Ban has been done in 118 Chinese Apps. Since then only one thing comes in the mind of the people. Will Faug be the same as Pubg.

So I will tell you all about Faug 1.0 Beta Game APK Download For Android because the release date of Faug is very close. October has arrived. Let’s see what is Updates.

Faug 1.0 Beta Game APK Download For Android

We got a great news from the official website of Faug, in which it has been told that in October Faug 1.0 Beta Version APK Download Link from nCore Game will be available on Playstore. Which people will be able to download and play the game and give their feedback together.

But wait, the information about Faug Game is not over yet. Friends, the Faug Game Apk has not arrived yet but a lot of apps like Faug Game have been uploaded on Playstore. Even the poster of the Faug Game has been put in the same and its icon too.

Faug Club stated on its blog that the Faug game currently published on Google Play is fake. This has been confirmed by the higher authority of FAUG Game Company.

In this way there will be a lot of difficulty in downloading this game. So I will tell you below how To download Faug 1.0 Beta Game APK in Android Mobile.

Faug Game Release / Launch Date Confirm Beta Version 2020

Faug Game as you will be published on Playstore by nCore. Whose owner is Vishal Gondal. Here in the information of Faug Game News, you have also come to know Faug Game Size and Release Date. In which it was said that, the “File size of Beta Version of Faug Game will be 458 MB. And Faug Game Launch will be on 28.10.2020.” To know more updates about this, save techonroid.com and visit daily.

Faug Game App Details

  1. Game Name- FAU-G
  2. Publisher – nCore
  3. Country – Indian
  4. Version- V1.0 (Beta Version)
  5. File Size – 458MB
  6. Launch Date- 28.10.2020

FAUG Game APK Beta Version Release/Launch

As of now, Software, Game, or Apps launch their own Beta Version before launch. Therefore FAUG Game APK Beta Version Release will be done. And this beta version is for Testing Purpose and will be with FAU-G Game. Faug Game Developer will release beta of a Fauji Game for nCore Testing and Bug Fix.

How To Download FAUG Game Beta Version 1.0 APK 

After knowing all this, your question will be that how and where can you download the FAUG Beta Game? For this, you can download it from the official website of Playstore or Faug Game. But after the release, the military game will also be given on Hindi Softonic.

I Hope friends all of you would have liked the information of this faug game. And from this you have understood that you have to download the faug game from where. Stay with techonroid.com for such best updates. So that every moment gets updated.

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