Best Way to fix Apple TV Error message (-100): Step by Step Solution

Today’s post is for all those Apple TV people who have to face the error message of Apple TV “The Wifi password you entered is not correct. Try again (-100)”. This post is for you because here you get how to fix Apple TV error message (-100)? Full information given.

How to fix Apple TV The WiFi password you entered is not correct. Try again (-100)

Many Apple TV 2nd and 3rd generation users are facing some (-100) error while connecting their Apple TV to Hotspot and WiFi network.

Along with this users may be getting an error message while trying to login to login to Apple TV box. “The Wi-Fi password you entered is not correct. Try again (-100)”.

Let us tell you that this problem is mostly seen on iPhone8, iPhone11, iPhone12, iPhone13 Pro iOS 15.4 and with all iPhone models including Apple Tv 3rd generation etc.

For some users, when connecting Apple TV to WiFi, Apple TV doesn’t even ask for password, shows error code of -100. This is annoying issue because Apple TV won’t connect to WiFi and it won’t even allow password to be entered and it goes straight to error -100.

Best Way to fix Apple TV Error message (-100) ?

When you use the Apple TV it gets error -3900/-100 or the Wi-Fi password you entered is not correct. You should try Enable WPA3 security, Turn off IPV6 settings and Update Firmware to fix the problem like “Try again when connecting to WiFi or Hotspot (-100)”.

Enable WPA3 security

Apple TV is connected with the latest security feature but Apple TV is not WPA3 enabled yet. It seems that if your WiFi router is configured with WPA3 settings then Apple TV will not connect and -100 error will show on your screen.

For this try to fix that change security setting in you router and make sure WPA3 security is enabled.

WPA3 also known as Wi-Fi Protected Access 3, is the third iteration of the security certification program developed by the Wi-Fi Alliance.

Turn off IPV6 Settings

If your modem IPV6 settings are already set to default, this could be the reason why your Apple TV can’t connect to the Internet/WiFi. That’s why you have to go to the advanced settings of your router and turn off the IPV6 settings.

After this you may have to reboot all your devices, Apple TV. After that you can get rid of -100 error message.

Update firmware

Since apple tv password not working on wifi and hotspot, there is software related issue in apple device. So you have to update your firmware. Then you can try it once.

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