Why Heroes of the storm “Version Mismatch Error”: How to fix issue

Why Heroes of the storm “Version Mismatch Error”: Today we tell you about how to fix the client version mismatch error in Heroes of the Storm. This crossover multiplayer online battle arena game has carved a niche for itself with a loyal fanbase. Here battlefields from Warcraft, Diablo, StarCraft, and Overwatch have all been incorporated into the game. Similarly, it has a complex and challenging 5-vs-5 match. However, as of now, users are facing an entirely different challenge.

Various users say that they get client version mismatch error messages when trying to launch Heroes of the Storm. What are the reasons behind this?

Some game servers, for example, are problematic and may not update in real-time. For example, there are roughly seven separate Blizzard servers in the United States, three of which are now not functioning properly. Because the game assigns a server at random, you’ll get a client version mismatch error every time you visit that malfunctioning server.

Then we’ll discuss how to fix the “Version Mismatch Error” in Heroes of the Storm. You must, however, block those three buggy IP addresses. As a result, your PC will be forced to connect to one of the remaining (and functional) addresses.

Fortunately, we already have the problematic IP addresses available for the US region. So let’s put them on the blacklist immediately. This will then fix the client version mismatch error in Heroes of Storm.

How to fix Version mismatch error for Heroes of Storm 2022?

To troubleshoot this problem, you have been given some tips for “How to Fix: Heroes of the Storm Client version mismatch error”. which you can follow.

How to fix Version mismatch error for Heroes of Storm
How to fix Version mismatch error for Heroes of Storm

Solution 1: Change your Region

One reason for Heroes of Storm’s version mismatch can be due to location settings. To fix this, change the area in the bottom left of the game’s login screen. And then go back to your main area and log in again.

Changing the region on the login screen also resets the connection to the server, this will help prevent version errors for you. If it doesn’t work in one go you will have to do it several times. For example, changing the region to EU then back to the US and relaunching should fix it. This is how it will work.

Solution 2: Enter Password

Another way to fix the version mismatch on Heroes of the Storm is to simply enter the password and proceed. Click OK when you see the version mismatch error.

It will send you back to the login screen, now again enter my password and log on without any problem. I’ve done this a dozen times with no problem.

Solution 3: Relaunch the game

If you have completed both the above process then you will have to launch the game again once.

Many users who are facing version mismatch error on Heroes of Storm are able to close and reopen the game 4-5 times. The problem here may be server related and relaunching the game fixes it. Above I have told about its server in detail.

Solution 4: Change DNS

Resolved after changing DNS for manu user version mismatch error. This could be because the client and server versions are mismatched, but the mismatch is not being updated on the server and our client is being routed to a server that has the wrong client/server software installed, so if you are using one of these You can’t get into one of these servers, period. Just try changing the DNS to a different address and that should likely fix the problem.

If you don’t know how to do this you can block the server that has been recently reported with the problem. This problem seems to be with some Blizzard servers, specifically

IPs Address


Blocking these IP addresses seems to fix the problem. To do this, in your firewall (eg Windows Defender), block these IP addresses completely. Not that you will succeed every time after blocking the IP but blocking the above reduces the chances of a version mismatch error, at least.

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