List of Stylish Free Fire Names Like Raistar with Unique Symbols

List of Stylish Free Fire Names Like Raistar with Unique Symbols

Free Fire has established itself in the mobile segment, the most important Has become one of the options. The game’s huge players base has helped develop career opportunities such as content creation, streaming, esports, and more.

Raistar is one of the biggest names in the Indian Free Fire community, and is known for his excellent skills. He has acquired a large fan base and has a subscriber base of about 4.23 million.

Many fans have a desire to include stylish and unique names such as their favorite content creator with the use of various symbols. This article provides players with such Raistar nicknames.

List of stylish Free Fire names like Raistar with unique symbols

Here is a list of stylish Free Fire names such as Raistar which can contain players.

꧁ɮǟ ռɖɨ ȶ ༻ ꧂

~ ฿ Ⱡ ₳ ⱫɆ ~



★ Gҽƚ Rҽƙƚ ★

乡 ๏ ש єгк เ ɭɭ 乡




+ ᴡʜɪsᴘᴇʀ +

łn ₮ heĐark

ρhõ პ ῆἶ ჯ꧂


<₱ ₴ Ɏ ₵ ⱧØ>

༒ S̷h̷a̷d̷o̷w̷ ༒







꧁☬ʐօɖɨ ǟƈ☬꧂

вα∂ σмєиѕ

★ ???? ★





ミ ★ ???????? ★ 彡

?̷?̷?̷ ?̷?̷?̷?̷?̷?̷

How to change the name in Free Fire like Raistar

To change the name to Free Fire like Raistar, follow the steps given below.

  • First open free fire and tap on profile. Then tap on Personal Name Badge icon.
  • Click on the icon next to the current name, its big screen will pop up, enter your name.
  • Copy paste from the Raistar stylish name list given above. 390 diamonds have to be clicked to change the name.

Note: – If the player has a name change card, then they can use it to change their name.

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