Free Fire New Update ob27 Advance Server 2021 : New character

Free Fire New Update ob27 Advance Server 2021 : New character

Hello friends, welcome to free fire new update. Here you will know about the new updates coming in free fire. This time the developers of Garena are about to bring some new updates to the free fire advance server OB27. If you want to know and want to get diamond for free. Please read the article below.

Free Fire New Update ob27 Advance Server 2021

If you are also a free fire lover, then I would like to tell you that the Free Fire OB27 patch note is going to come in front of Realtime on 14 April 2021. And in the free fire new update, you will get to see new characters, Kord, weapon balance and more.

If you want to download free fire update, then with the help of the information given below, you can get the information of Free Fire OB27 update patch notes.

Free Fire OB27 Release date and time

The time of release of free fire OB27 update will be on 14 April 2021 and all the players will be opening free fire. Free fire patch notes and Maintenance Schedule in front of them.

The free fire OB27 update will remain till 11:30 PM-12:30 PM IST (+5: 30 GMT). After that the Free Fire OB27 advance server will be easily downloaded through the Playstore and Appstore in front of you.

Maintenance schedule

Here the updates given through social media in front of you and you can easily see here with the help of Maintenance Schedule.

Start time: 9:30 AM IST (GMT +5: 30) on April 14, 2021

End time: 6:00 PM IST (GMT +5.30) on April 14, 2021

Free Fire new update Rewards Redeem Code

Let me tell you that in the new update of Free Fire, you will also get 2x Diamond Royale Vouchers and 2x Weapon Royale Vouchers along with Reward, which you can claim from the event option.

Kord gun in free fire

Here new firearm – Kord gun is going to be received by developers in ob27 advance server like Garena Free Fire. In this, the power of gun and the rate of fire increases when the player is in prone and crouch positions.

Character Balancing

Here the user will get a new way to do character balancing. You will also see some balance in the character of the update.

  • Chrono: Force field radius (+), self-movement speed (-).
  • Wukong: Cooldown resets when kill.
  • Maxim: Increase a slight buff.
  • Hayato: Firebrand changed to be the passive skill.
  • Misha: Driving speed (+). A124: Increase the speed of EP to HP conversion.
  • Rafael: Silent Shots (Passive ability) Enemy downed lose HP faster.
  • Olivia: Skill Strengthened.

Free Fire New characters – Xayne

Friends, in the new update of Free Fire, a new character named Xayne will be found. And where will its ability go to Xtreme Encounter.

In this case, it will provide 50% increasing damage to gloo walls and shields along with 100 HP capacity. Its effect lasts for 8 seconds and a Cold down of 150 seconds.

And at its maximum level the damage to gloo walls and shields increases up to 80%. The duration of the cooldown is reduced to 100 seconds.

Bermuda Remastered opens permanently

The highly anticipated Bermuda Remastered map will be available permanently after the new patch. And Kalahari map will be optional for download.

Change in character UI, a leveling system, and merged abilities of awakened characters

The Free Fire’s character UI will get a new look in the new update. This will make it more accessible to the player. And with the new changes, players will no longer need to pay any of their money.

Revival Mechanism and Clash Squad store changes

The revival mechanism will also be available in the free fire new update. Players must obtain a revival card. And his teammates will have to go to the lane again at the revival point in the game. And will have to wait till the heart is full.

Optimization of smoke grenade and flashbang

Now throwables will get further optimization. This range will increase, and flashbangs will be easier to use.



When will the Free Fire ka Naya Update arrive?

  • New update of Free Fire will come from 9:30 to 17:40 on 14 April 2021

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