How to participate in the new Free Fire sub-event with a 15000 diamond

How to participate in the new Free Fire sub-event with a 15000 diamond

Free Fire has recently launched a new sub event called K.O Dancing Challenge and Dance Challenge on the Booyah app. Players get a chance to win 15,000 diamonds in this sub-event.

Booyah is Garena’s dedicated or offered app for gaming videos and clips. On the app, players can upload videos with different gameplay including free fire game play clip.

This article takes a look at the new events of Free Fire and explains how players can win prizes from the 15000 diamond prize pool.

How to participate and win diamonds in Free Fire’s Booyah App

Since the inception of the KO Night event, there have been several sub-incidents in free fire, the KO Dancing Challenge is another sub-event which was launched on April 26th yesterday. This sub-event will end on 9 May.

How to participate 15000 diamond prize pool

Players are required to download the Booyah App before May 9, Then they have to make a video of their dance performance and upload it in the ‘Clips’ section of the app.

If a person’s clip is voted to be the most popular, they will win a prize from a prize pool of 15000 diamonds with Amazon gift cards of ₹ 5000 (INR).

Players must remember to log into the Booyah app. And the app to claim their prize.

How to download and log in to the Booyah! app

Below you have been given the original playstore link to download the Booyah app. You can download from there.

  1. First go to Google playstore.
  2. After that search the Booyah app.
  3. Select and install publish app by garena.
  4. After that you have to login to the booyah app.
  5. After that the video clip has to be uploaded.


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