How To Get Free Tokens In Fau-g Game Step By Step Guide 2021

How To Get Tokens Free In Faug Game:- Faug Game has launched on 26 January. Which you can easily enjoy by playing and can also earn money. Like Pubg and Free Fire, you also get currency like Coins and Silver in Faug Game, so that you can buy Weapon in Faug Game.

With the help of this article, you can take Faug Game Me Free Me Token. You will get information about it. So let’s read the steps below.

How To Get Tokens Free In Faug Game Step By Step Guide 2021

To get Token in Free, you have to follow the step below. Because here we can take Token in Faug Game Me Free via Step By Step Video.

1. All you have to do is open your Faug Game.

2. After that you will see the Store Button in the left side corner of the screen. Have to click on it.

3. Then you have to click on Token.

4. After clicking on Token, you will see PlayButton. Have to click on it.

5. There you will get to see Ads, see Ads complete. After that you will get the notification of having Token Credit on your screen.

6. Token will be added to your account.

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