welcome friends, i will tell you about google search operators full list. because there are more tools are available for High-level Keyword research. if you are a blogger then, this article can be for you special. if you are a beginner in Keyword research marketing then follow me and read this article.

Google search operators full list 2020-2021: Keyword research tools & process

There are more methods available for keyword research, but we will not use any keyword research tool. We only use Google search operators and research more high-level keywords. I will give you some complete list of Google operators in 2020 and 2021. These operators Can Help in advanced Google search.

Operator Meaning
Pages containing keywords in:
allinurl: / inurl: – the URL
allintitle: / intitle: – the Title
allintext: / intext: – the text
allinanchor: / inanchor: – the anchor text
filetype: – file types
site: Narrow results to a site
related: Shows similar sites (being phased out)
info: Shows page info
define Gives a definition
The quotes (“”) Search for a phrase
The minus (-) Exclusion
OR Alternatives
Numrange (..) Search for a range of numbers
Asterisk (*) Stands for a word or a few words
AROUND (n) Proximity search
before:, after: Date search


Google search operators cheat sheet: Example

Here are i will give you a cheat sheet of google search operator. 

if you search in Google just like this ” allintitle:techonroid ” . 

You can see 78 about result. it is clear how many result in google. it is the advance keyword research process.

Google search operators full list 2020-2021 : advanced google searching,
Google search operators full list 2020-2021 : advanced google searching,

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