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New name of google webmaster tools: – Friends, every time, a new change of Google has been revealed again, Google updated its blog on 11 November and has come out with a new algorithm.

Friends, Google has now called Google webmaster tools as GoodBye and has said Hello to Google search Central. So let us know why Goodbye has been called to Google webmasters. Before this, let us know what is the new name of google webmaster tools.

What is the new name of google webmaster tools

Google’s blog revealed that it has now been changed from Google Webmasters Central to Google Search Central. But the work is still the same. There have been a lot of changes. Google said in its blog that our goal is still the same. Our aim is to help people improve the visibility of their website on Google search. This change will happen on most platforms in the next few days.

Why Google Webmasters Tools Change

Webmasters were used in 1993. Such Merriam-Webster said while claiming. This webmaster is the first name when Google did not even exist. Now the thing is that the webmaster is becoming a full-fledged term and it is getting less usage in books as well, that means its usage is in sharp decline.

When asked from different experienced users, it was found that very few web users know themselves as webmasters. Now-a-days, users are starting to know themselves in the name of Search Engine Optimizer (SEO), online marketer, blogger, web developer, or site owner.

All this is also the reason for converting Google’s new Google webmaster to Google Search Central. With a new name and new identity.

If you want to know about Hello Google Search Central and Goodbye webmaster tools, then you can find out from Google’s personal blog.

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