What is GPS Stand For and How does GPS Work

GPS stand for

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What is GPS Stand For?

GPS stand for Global Positioning System and it is a US-owned utility that provides positioning, navigation and timing (PNT) services to users. The system consists of three sections: the space segment, the control segment, and the user segment. The US Space Force develops, maintains and operates the Space and Control Divisions.

About GPS (Global Positioning System) 

For thousands of years, man has found his way by looking at the sky. Sailors used the constellations, the Sun and the Moon to navigate distant shores. And today, only one device is needed which is called a GPS receiver.

GPS means Global Positioning System, and it tells us where we are and gives a message by determining the direction of where we are going on the earth.

We still need objects in the sky to know where we are and how we get to other places, but now satellites are used instead of stars. More than 30 GPS navigation satellites are circling the globe, orbiting at an altitude of 20,200 kilometres to help us find our way.

How does GPS Work

GPS is a three-part system. Including satellites, ground stations and receivers. Satellites act like stars in constellations – we know where they should be at any given time. Ground stations monitor and control satellites, and they help determine their locations – both where they were and where they are projected to be.

A receiver, as you might have in your phone or even in your car, is constantly listening to signals from these satellites, which can be used as a giant tape measure between the receiver and the satellites.

Once your receiver calculates your distance from four or more satellites, it knows where you are. Within seconds, from thousands of miles up in space, your location or position on the ground can be determined with incredible accuracy, often within a few yards of your actual location. Many high-tech receivers can detect where you are to within a fraction of an inch.

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