Groww App Review- what is groww app, is Groww App Safe and Grow app Download

Groww app review:- If you do not know what is grow app, then i would like to tell you that groww app is India’s best mutual fund app. in which all citizens of india can save their saved deposits in more than 5000 different mutual fund scheme. Investing and taking good benefits on it.

That’s why groww app is also called by many people as a great app to provide simple UI interface. Within this, today’s yuva dhan is taking great benefits by investing more money from his savings capital.

The most important thing about groww app is that you do not have to resort to any broker to invest your money in mutual fund and you can easily invest all the mutual fund by investing your money in redeem. Can do.

Now you will know about how the groww app is and what benefits it gets. For more information about groww app, you can tell us by commenting.

Groww app review

Today, i will give you some information about one such groww app, one of the top five money management app of india. Because there are many people who want to invest their saved money inside groww app but they do not know what is groww application and groww app review.

If you are also one of those people, then today i will give you the complete information about the groww application, which you can use this application in the best way to earn some profit and invest your saved money in the right place and use it. .

That is why in today’s post, i will give you complete information about this application very easily. You can read this post carefully, which can prove useful for you.

Groww app is an application running on android and ios. By using this, nowadays, all the people are investing their saved money and the money earned within mutual funds and are getting back very good returns.

This application has been made by the app developer in such a way that if a new customer invests his money inside this application, then he can also easily understand the analytics of his invested money and can watch it anytime.

All the customers get the categories to invest in mutual funds according to their own, which is considered a very good feature of this application. By using the feature, every small big investor can invest their money by choosing the category according to their choice and can get good returns in return.

If you are already told about all the risks in which investment while investing inside the groww app. Like you are told in three categories.

High risk
mercenary risk
low risk

Which is a very good feature compared to other applications.

What is groww app?

Groww app is one of the best growing stock investiment platform in india with lots of customers. It is currently, allows investor to trade and ivenst in stocks and mutual funds.

There are different phases of testing for us stocks, digital gold, and fixed deposits. Groww app is a smartphone trading app available for mobile. It is safe and secured with hith level of encryption standard with 128 bit ssl encryptions thats keeps all data secure in app.

Groww app is available for android and iphone on appstore and playstore easily.

Groww app which country

If you do not know which country the groww app belongs to, then i would like to tell you that the groww app is an online investment platform of india. Whose headquartered is located in bangalore. The main function of the groww app is to promote new investors and motivate them to open accounts electronically and investment in mutual funds.

The groww app started the transaction process in june 2018 in association with online stocks exchanges and 35 mutual fund house but now there are more than 5000 mutual funds investment.

Groww app owner and Belongs which country

The groww app owner name is harsh jain and he is also co-founder of groww app. And the groww app owner country is india. Ceo of groww app is lalit keshre.

Groww app key people are lalit keshre (ceo), harsh jain, neeraj singh and ishan bansal.

How to create an account in groww app?

  • You can easily install groww app from all playstore and install it and sign up your email id and password.
  • Later, to verify the mobile number, you enter your mobile number, then click on ok, then an otp will come on that mobile which you have to enter.
  • You will also have to enter your pan card number with it because pan card is very important to invest mutual funds. Our government has done this rule to not promote art money.
  • After entering pan number, you have to select your date of birth and caste.
  • Then you have to write the name of nomination and also what is your relation with it so that if you ever do anything, they get all the money you invested.
  • To transfer money, you have to provide your branch code, ifsc code and link to account number in it, after which you will have to sign digital.
  • After completing all these formalities, you will get approval within 2 to 3 days. After your account is created, you can invest money whenever you sit at your house with the help of groww app.

Why invest in groww app?

The most special thing about this app is the customer help line number which i liked very much. When i did not know how to invest money and said, i got a very good and positive response when i called the customer help line number.

This is also the special thing of groww app because there are many other apps, but those apps do not have this facility, due to which many people are unable to invest their money properly and their profit is lost.

Is groww app safe?

Groww app is completely safe. Is it the question of most people that every person wants to invest his saved money in a place where his money is safe and secure, along with good benefits.

That is why today i would like to tell you that groww app is completely safe and secure to invest money, because the groww app keeps 100% of the data of all users safe, which is mentioned on the official website of india.

To transfer money to groww app, transfers and payment of any mf (mutual fund) is done along with bse (bombay stock exchange) and amc (assets management company). That’s why groww app is completely safe. In which you can invest your saved hoard capital irresistibly.

Benefits of groww app

The special feature of this app is that you can easily withdraw your invested money whenever you want and for this you will not have to pay any extra charges and you will not have any hidden charges. This is the biggest benefit of this app.

The best advantage of this app is that we do not have to pay extra charges to create our account to use this app, we can use this app absolutely free. This is the special feature of this app which separates all the money from the invest app. For this, i will suggest all of you to invest your money inside this app. You can invest from rs 10 to rs 100 crore within this app and that too without any risk. If your income is below 2.5 lakh, then you will not have to pay tax.

  • Tax saving.
  • No extra charge.
  • Low risk found
  • returns & risk
  • small & medium capacity
  • large capacity

Groww app download

This app is available for android and iPhone. Anybody can download it in mobile and pc or laptop easily. I will give you some step to download groww app.

  1.  firstly, go to Appstore or playstore [choose according to your operating system.]
  2. Then, search groww app.
  3. After that, you can see the official app of groww app like image below.
  4. And now click on install button easily.

Groww app download for pc

If you want to download the groww app in your pc /laptop for windows1 & 10. Then read the below steps carefully.

  1. Firstly, download the bluestack and login by email id.
  2. Then you will see the playstore in your pc and laptop.
  3. After that, open playstore on pc.
  4. Search groww app download. [you can follow the direct download link.]
  5. And click on install button.

groww app download playstore link

Is groww app free?

Yes, groww app is free, but not fully free, your trading and demat account is free of cost and also account maintenance charge is free. But brokerage charge is not free.

Groww app charge link

Is groww app Indian?

Yes, groww app is an Indian app. Its headquartered in Bangalore. And it co-founder and owner country is also india. 

Is groww app Chinese?

No, groww app is not Chinese. It is develop by Indian. And it is an Indian based online investment platform.

Is groww app registered with SEBI?

Yes, groww app is register with sebi. And it’s stockbroker in the name of NeXT billion technology private limited.

Is groww app safe for stock market?

Yes, groww app is safe for stocks. It is is a safe and secured app with a host of features like line and candlestick charts.

For beginners it showing price movements, one-click buy/sell, free content and videos related to stock investments, complete information about all companies, etc.

Groww app customer care number

You can find the customer care number of groww app. It has an in-built help and support section with an exhaustive list of queries and solutions to cater to basic investor queries.

In case your doubt or issues is not a part of the query list. Alternatively, you can also call the customer helpline or drop an email to them or start a live chat.

Groww app customer care number : 91-9108800604

Groww email

Groww customer care number link

Groww app Wikipedia

Groww app is also available on Wikipedia page. If you want to know about more details and another things then you can visit the groww app wikipedia website.

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  1. I already have Groww on my mobile. Till now I didn’t know its real I opened my desktop and read about it. I am now quite at ease. Now I want to know if you can bring my mutual fund deposits through other bank(sbi)on your platform and manage them from there. Thank you.

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