What happened to the Hater app after Shark Tank, Net worth Details

In this post, we will know about what happened to the hater app. generally dating app matches are built on the basis of shared interests and physical attraction. But what if you match based on your dislikes? Something similar has been done by the Hater app. But where did it go after that and what happened to the hater app?

If you have the same doubt about the Hatter app and have come here to know the answer, then you must check this post. From this article below, see what happened to the Hater app and know the complete information about the Hater app.

What is a Hater App?

Hater App is a dating app that was founded in 2016 and started as a prank before gaining popularity online. It gained popular interest by promising to match people based on their dislikes.

Based on your swipes in it, its system determines your best match, because swiping on other people is anonymous, if you both right-swipe, you find your partner.; Therefore, haters can hate each other.

While you can message non-matches once every twelve hours, the top ‘hatred’ of each state is also highlighted by the corporation.

Hater app information

  1. What is the Company Name – Hatter App
  2. Who is the Founder – Brendan Alper
  3. What is the Business  – A dating app that lets people connect based on their shared dislikes
  4. looking for investment – $200,000 For 5% equity in Hater App
  5. Final Deal – $200,000 For 7.5% + 2.5% Advisory Shares in Dating App
  6. Shark  – Mark Cuban
  7. Episode  – episode 12 season 9
  8. Business Status –  in business
  9. Website – https://www.kasualapp.com/

Who Is the founder of Hater App?

The founder of the hater dating app is Brendan Alper, he was founded in 2016 after he left his job at Goldman Sachs.

What happened to the hater app?

In the first year since its release in 2017, the hater app has been downloaded over a million times. Thirty-five thousand people had also joined after its beta program was leaked.

Brendan, the founder of the Hater app, explains that the goal of the app is not to showcase minorities or people, but to promote friendship through petty dislikes. He confesses that the app is built on two dating principles: physical attraction and exchanging ideas.

Despite it being an active website, the Hater app is no longer available on the App Store. And its Twitter account had gone offline since 2018. The company has not yet issued any public announcement on its closure.

Brendan claimed in a CNBC interview in 2018 that the app doesn’t make a lot of money at the moment. So they were working on a plan to include premium subscriptions and ads.

And according to the Reddit user rating of 2019, users did not find many people in their area if the incident happened.

Hater app net worth

Hater App Shark Tank Net Worth:- Brendan set up the Hater app on Shark Tank, demanding an investment of $200,000 in exchange for 5% ownership of his company. He explained how the app works before giving a demonstration to Shark Tank.

They showed different subjects on a screen by asking the sharks whether they approve, are ambivalent about them, or dislike them. After completing the experiment, the app said Rohan and Barbara were a good fit.

Despite this fact, the app has 500,000 active users. They haven’t monetized it yet. He ended his 401(k) and collected $500,000 in venture financing to start.

Mark considered the number of daily active users to be moderate and estimated it to be between 8000 and 10,000. Rohan was forced to leave due to a lack of opportunities. Barbara has offered $250,000 for 5%, but she needed an immediate answer.

Lowry offered $200,000 in exchange for a 10% stake in the app and also pledged to build a brand around it.

Brendan hasn’t responded to Barbara and so leaves Mark to say he claims to help celebrities get sponsorships and offers $200,000 in exchange for 7.5% + 2.5% advisory shares.

Brendan then expressed an interest in speaking with Robert, and Robert offered $250,000 for 15%, as well as $250,000 from Barbara, for a total of $500,000 for 15%, with Brendan agreeing to Mark’s offer. Happened.

Their final agreement was that Mark Cuban would invest $200,000 in the hater dating app in exchange for 7.5 % + 2.5 % advisory shares.

What happened to the Hatter app after Shark Tank?

In the first year after the hater dating app was launched in 2017, the hater app was downloaded over a million times and in addition, 35,000 people registered for it after the beta program was launched.

Its owner, Brendan, explained that the purpose of the app is to establish connections through basic hatred, not to denigrate minorities or individuals.

He believes that the app is based on two dating principles physical attraction and exchange of ideas.

Despite its initial success, the dating app’s regime was narrow, the Hater App website is still up and running, but the app appears to have been removed from the App Store. And the company’s Twitter account has not been updated since 2018.

Joel Idelson (Marketing Consultant), Stephen Wirth (CTO), and Brendan Alper (Developer) (CEO and Founder) form three members of Hayter’s current team.

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