Hero Or Villain Cartoon Trend

Hero Or Villain Cartoon Trend Filter: How to Do On Tiktok and Use

Today we will tell you another new trending filter which is trending on tiktok and Instagram. If you use tiktok, Instagram or other social media, then you must try this one “Hero Or Villain Cartoon Trend On Tiktok” filter.

About Hero Or Villain Cartoon Trend Filter

Let us tell you that this is now going viral on Tiktok and Instagram reels, a new trend which will be named Main Hero or Villain Cartoon Video Edit trend! People are using an application to use its filter. Which I have updated before.

To create the hero or villain cartoon video edit trend, people use cartoon-looking photo effects on four to five of their photos using an app called “Prequel” which is also available on both iOS and Android OS.

How To Do Hero Or Villain Cartoon Trend On Tiktok

Doing ‘Hero Or Villain Cartoon Trend filter’ on your favorite social media platform going on can definitely help you get more views and followers.

Because this is a hot topic viral everywhere, we keep getting more chances to blow your video to more viewers all over the world.

The user says that this is a filter effect on Tiktok and that pictures will be shown automatically too, but it is available now,. So you have to make ‘Hero or Villain cartoon trend’ using this prequel app. And from the home screen interface a preset called Cartoon has to be applied.

So many users also wanted to find the original music audio used in these viral videos, for this you can take or source from the viral video on tiktok.

How To Create Hero or Villain cartoon Trend On Tiktok?

Hero Or Villain Cartoon Trend
Hero Or Villain Cartoon Trend

Users can easily create cartoon-like pictures without any problem by using the prequel app to video your hero or villain. And please be sure to choose the best looking and clear ones to get the best output. Which will help you to grow more followers.

  1. First of all, you have to open the Prequel app on your device and wait for some time to give a result for a selected photo from the gallery.
  2. After that, you just tap on the save option shown above on the right.
  3. Then you can select the other 4 images (total 5) of your choice from the camera roll and apply the same effect and save all of them easily.

Now you have to use any video editor app. Like I would use the Inshot video editor app.

Create a new project in it, add 1 video showing you your current face in the first place. and added 5 edited cartoon looking photos at the end of the timeline.

Then type using the text typing tool – am I a hero or a villain? Use any font you want to use and adjust it.

Then add the following original used in this hero or villain trend song to the short app and adjust it to duration as described here plus it will sync perfectly with this music beats!

  • First video or photo 5.4 seconds,
  • the second one to 1.5 sec
  • third – 1.5 seconds,
  • Fourth – 1.8 sec
  • 5th – 1.7 and 6th to 3.2 seconds make carefully,

This way you can easily make up or see whether you are a hero or a villain. For any further information, you can comment on us. And for information related to social media, you can see techonroid social media.

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