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What is an SIV application?

Today you will know about SIV, what is meant by Special Immigrant Visa. It is being offered mainly to those who are trying to escape from the Taliban regime. It is clear that the Special Immigrant Visa is being offered to the citizens of Afghanistan.

Translators, diplomats, interpreters, clerical subdivisions and special project assistants who work with the US government here are more afraid of the Taliban. Keeping in mind the current situation in Afghanistan, the US government is introducing a new scheme for individuals and families who have helped the US government in those countries for 20 years of existence.

Both SI and SQ are categories of SIV visas that are being given to the people of Afghanistan. So that those people can easily enter the United States. The Si includes immediate relatives and family members of interpreters, translators and other workers, and the SQ category for individuals who have directly served the US regime in Afghanistan.

How do I apply for SIV in Afghanistan?

How do I apply for SIV application? – Under Section 1059 of the NDA (National Defense Authorization) Act, 50 (SI) visas are currently approved for translators working for the US. Under Section 602(b) of the Afghan Allies Protection Act of 2009, more than 4,000 visa posts have been opened to the families and immediate relatives of US regime aides in Afghanistan.

– The process of SIV application is divided into several stages and petition documents need to be collected before starting the same.

– The first step is filing a petition with USCIS.

– Family record collection and petition approval are required for visa application preparation.

– Attending the visa interview is the last step in the process.

– Coming after formalities to the United States requires the completion of certain formalities.

What is the SIV application process?

There are some application process involves a lot of documentation and can be broken down into three segments. you can read know more about this from the link.

gathering initial petition documents,
collecting additional
family records, and
scheduling a visa interview.

Afghan siv administrative processing

The Emergency Security Supplemental Appropriations Act, 2021, enacted on July 30, 2021, authorized 8,000 additional Special Immigrant Visas (SIVs) for Afghan prime applicants, for a total of 34,500 visas allotted since December 19, 2014. The issuance of SIVs to Afghan nationals under Section 602(b) of the 2009 Afghan Allied Protection Act, as amended, will continue until all visa numbers allotted under the Act are issued.

How long does it take for SIV com approval?

The current average processing time for a SIV in Afghanistan is approximately 13 months. At our embassy in Washington and Kabul. The US Across the government, resources have been dedicated to reducing the time required for this process, and we strive for even greater efficiency and transparency.

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