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Roposo App Download: How To Earn Money Form Roposo in 2021

Roposo App Download: How To Earn Money Form Roposo in 2021:- As friends, all of you will know about the short video creating app today likee, Vigo videos, tiktok, vidmate etc. These apps are very trending these days. And boys and girls are becoming very famous as well. I am going to tell about such an app in exactly the same way. Which are very famous in India. And you just took this short video app.

In this also you can make a video according to your own. And can share more. You can also earn money. And you can also take a job together. If you have technical knowledge.

By the way, by looking at the headings and thumbnails you must have understood which app I am going to talk about. But once again tell that today we are talking about Roposo App. Which is a very good app. All information about it was given below. You can read it.

What is Roposo App?

Roposo is a short video creating or making the app. its full name is “Roposo – Video Status, Earn Money, Friends Chat” it is just like another app as likee, tiktok, kwai, Vigo video etc. and it is now famous in India it is the favourite video sharing app of India. and now it spread all over the country. it is a part of social media. you can chat with friends and earn money also. and you can also share all status videos with the help of the Roposo app

Roposo is now available on the play store. its rating is 4.4*  and it was downloaded by 10+ million users. it supports 4.3 to up of the android version.

Roposo latest news update/features

In roposo, there are 21 million users who are creating and uploading videos and photos.
And there are approx 300000+ news videos are posted every day by the user.
There are many types of video and image creator features available in the Roposo app.
And there are 60 million video downloads every month from this app. and roposo is now available in multi-languages. as  Hindi, English, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Gujarati, Punjabi, Marathi & Bengali.

How To Download Roposo App?

friends, if you want to make an amazing video, and also want to earn paytm cash through it. then download this app. you can follow the steps which are below.

Step1:- Goto playstore.
Step2:- search Roposo App.
Step3:- Click On Install Button.
Step4:- Open.
Step5:- Login with your mobile number. and enjoy it.

You can use this Application. then, now we are discussing, how to make the video in roposo and how to earn money from roposo easily. let’s know about roposo.

How To Make Video In Roposo App?

In the roposo app, this is very easy to make a video. you can watch the camera on the roposo screen. you can record your video with music very easily and click on the upload button. you can also set filters and effects. it is also free. you can easily use in your video and effects.

You can also edit and save your video in memory. and also share on the social media platform. In the roposo app, you can use many types of filters and effects. like-

  • stickers and effects
  • time
  • trim
  • crop
  • portraits.
  • contour light,
  • stage and stage mono light,
  • filters
  • music
  • effect of animation.

There are many tv channels in the Roposo app.

  • bhakti
    Look Good-Feel Good:

Bhakti- You can get Arti, bhajan, path, ardaas, prayers, namaz shlokas, and devotionals programs in the channel all over India. there are many devotional images and videos are available on this channel.

Haha, Tv- In this channel, you can get pranks and jokes in life, Santa Banta, lawyer, husband-wife jokes,father-son jokes, marriages jokes, Gf-Bf funny videos and comedy.

Look Good Feel Good:- in this channel, you can get health care solutions and daily life tips. as ayurvedic, homoeopathic and homemade tips and tricks. skincare tips, and you as a lifestyle you can watch this channel. and here you also get multi-language videos.

Beats- In this channel, you can get kinds of music and dance videos and images. and its are available in the multi-languages.

How To Earn Money Form Roposo App

– in this app, you can earn more money with very easy methods. if you watch video only on the roposo app you can get coins and withdraw in paytm.

– and if you make a video and post it. you can get more coins and it depends on your creativity.

– You can earn money by inviting your friends through your link.

How to get a job in the roposo app?

Step1:- Click on your profile.
Step2:- Go to the setting button. it locates in the top right corner.
Step3:- you can see JOBs AT ROPOSO below.
if you click on this button. then, you can be reached on the official website of the roposo app.

You can watch the Current Job Openings of the Roposo app. and click the + button to get more information about it.

1. Android Developer
2. iOS Developer
3. Backend Developer
4. Data Engineer
5. UI/UX Designer
6. Machine Learning Expert
7. Graphics Engineer (Open GL)
8. Computer and mobile vision engineer
9. Community Builder (Tamil, Telugu, Gujarati, Bengali, Marathi)
10. Regional Content Moderator(Tamil, Telugu, Gujarati, Bengali, Marathi)

You can watch many things. on the website of Roposo – Video Status, Earn Money, Friends Chat.

I hope you have liked this post (What is Roposo App and How to Make Money Roposo App). Inside this post, I tried to tell you all the details about Roposo App. If anyone wants to know about the topic, then please tell us by commenting. And stay connected with techonroid to know about the latest updated information. And do share this post with your friends.

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