How to fix Amazon music not working 2022/2021 : Android/ iPhone

How to fix Amazon music not working

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Like let us tell you that here many Android / Samsung, Redmi, iPhone 13 Pro Max 12,11 / XR / XS users are reporting the problem of Amazon Music not working on their mobile phones.

This problem has been seen after downloading the latest version of the Amazon app from the store. It doesn’t work when playing Amazon Music on the phone and shows the error “Unable to connect to Amazon Music”. Amazon Music keeps crashing and won’t load songs.

The problem with this is that after opening the Amazon Music app, the app does not load anything and crashes immediately after that. This is an annoying issue for Amazon Music users as it has made it difficult to use the app to listen to music and also have a bit of a buzz.

Note: How to fix Amazon Music not working Samsung, Oneplus, Redmi and iPhone 13 Pro Max , iPhone 12 Pro Max, iPhone 11,XR, XS MAX/X , iPad , iPadOS 15

How to fix Amazon Music not working?

Here are some methods available to fix amazon music not working, for this fixing you can try these methods.

How to fix Amazon music not working
How to fix Amazon music not working

Method 1: Check for Updates

An incompatible version of the Amazon Music app with iOS/Android firmware can cause the application to crash.

To fix this make sure you have the latest version of Amazon Music and supported firmware version to check.

As per the latest changes in iOS 15, the Amazon Music app needs to make changes to it. And as per Amazon support the developers are working on the fix. And a permanent fix to the problem will be addressed in an upcoming app update. So please update amazon music app from app store or google play store or uninstall your old version and install again.

Method 2:  Log out and log in back

The Amazon app may crash if your account is not synced properly. and log out of the amazon music account and login back to the music app. With this, you can check whether it fixes the problem or not. Check if this fixes the problem. Otherwise, try the one below.

Method 3: Report issue to Amazon Music support

Let us tell you that with the new iOS and Android versions, a lot of changes have been made or happened in the core of iOS. And all apps that work on the iPhone need to address these changes.

If the app doesn’t have updates to support the firmware changes, it’s very likely that. Amazon Music won’t load and keeps on crashing. So you should contact Amazon Music app support and let them know about your problem. By doing this, developers can bring new updates to suit your mobile latest version.

Method 4: Clear Cache File

You should clear the cash file of your mobile so that whatever old cash is filled, it ends. By doing this new amazon music will be installed on your mobile.

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