How To Get Candy In Adopt Me

Best Way to get candy in Adopt me 2022 – Halloween Update

How to get candy in adopt me Halloween update 2022, So this is something you need to figure out if you want to make the most of the event. Luckily, there are a number of ways you can get Halloween candy, and it all has something to do with minigames themed around the spooky season. We’ll Guide you through everything you need to know in our Candy Adopt Me – How to Get Candy Halloween Update 2021 guide.

How to get candy in “Adopt Me Halloween Update”?

Let us tell you that in order to get the candy in the Adopt Me Halloween Update event you will need to participate in those minigames. Which the developers have added for the scary season.

First, you get one hundred and fifty candies for free every day. Whenever the timer runs out, click the jack-o’-lantern icon on the left side of the screen. Then you’ll basically get one hundred and fifty free candy just for logging in daily.

Now for the minigames. There are two: the potion-brewing and the headless horseman race. To collect a potion, head down to the crypt and find the magic pot that’s bubbling green. Stand in the red circle and wait for the timer to run out.

When this happens the game will give you a list of three ingredients to finding. Get out, find them, and bring them back to the skillet to make the potion. After that completing the task gives you one and a half hundred candies. The event is repeated every eighteen minutes, so feel free to cultivate it.

How To Get Candy In Adopt Me
How To Get Candy In Adopt Me

Speaking of how to get candy in the Adopt Me Halloween update, there’s also a Headless Horseman race. Exit the scary zone and go to the toy store to queue up for the race. The horseman just runs around a bit and leaves Candy behind him. All you have to do is follow back and collect the candy.

In the end, you can definitely buy candy for Robux, at least see the list.

  • 200 Candy – 20 Robux
  • 800 Candy – 80 Robux
  • 3,000 Candy – 300 Robux
  • 7,500 Candy – 600 Robux
  • 16,000 Candy – 1,200 Robux
  • 50,000 Candy – 3,500 Robux

Purchase Candy

  • 360 Candy – R$ 30
  • 1080 Candy – R$ 85
  • 1800 Candy – R$ 140
  • 3600 Candy – R$ 275
  • 9000 Candy – R$ 650
  • 18000 Candy – R$ 1250

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