How to recover lost Free Fire account through Free Fire Help Center

How to recover lost Free Fire account through Free Fire Help Center

How to Recover lost Free Fire account: – Hello welcome, how to recover lost free fire account today through free fire help center. If you also want to know, then read this post completely.

In free fire Designated help / support center Option of, which fulfills the problem of players involved in the game. Here, with the help of free fire help center, many such problems like hackers report, lost diamonds, payment failures, account loss etc. are revealed.

By the way, one of the most occurring problems, which most players face while playing the game, their accounts are being lost. In such a situation, they do not open their profile and cannot login back to the game.

Here is a section of a help center for all players problem in garena free fire help center, and how to get lost accounts in free fire with the help of this article (how to get back lost accounts in Free Fire?) We have explained you in easy language.

How to recover a lost free fire account

Regarding the loss of free fire account, garena free fire considers three criteria.

  • Account Ban
  • Lost Guest Account
  • Lost FB account

Let us follow the steps given below to retrieve Lost FB accounts.

  1. The first user of Facebook official login page Have to go on Can click here.
  2. Now Forgotten Password Click
  3. To find account email address or mobile number fill. And after seeing profile OTP Select the option to receive.
  4. After that password Reset Do. And Facebook login Do.
  5. Now you run Free Fire and new password Please log in again using. And the original profile will be reopened.

For the banned and lost guest account, free fire has made a strong announcement that account recovery is not possible. According to garena free fire help center, where about the ban account ..

“Use of third-party applications, which allows any user to gain an unfair competitive advantage, is strictly prohibited. Such behavior undermines the integrity of the community. And ruins the game for everyone. In this way, we adopted a zero-tolerance policy and any. The account was found guilty and will be permanently suspended.”

And no appeal will be made regarding free fire account recovery banned by the user.

Players will have to create a new permanent account for lost guest accounts. And there is no way to retrieve guest account data. As Gerena’s developer says:

” The game data of the user’s guest account is stored in your devices only, and is not stored on our server. The sad part is that if you lose your device or the data of the game is deleted. So there is no way for us to regain it.” 


So friends, free fire players can only get lost fb account. And it is not possible to recover ban or guest account in free fire.

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  1. Hello,


    My ID Was suspended When I Was Playing The Game, I Haven’t Done Anything Wrong And I Am Sure That I Have Followed Your Rules Of Conduct, And I Am Sure That By Mistake You Have Suspended My Account For No Valid Reason, you can check my KD, headshot rate I’m a normal player, please check once my account.

    This is my Humble Request to Free Fire Team To Unban My Account.

    Palyer name:-(PIYUSH♡THOR)
    Game uid I’d:-(1516467567)

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