How to Remove Friends From Venmo -Delete Friends on Venmo

In this post, you will know about How to Remove Friends From Venmo?, and “How to Delete Friends on Venmo”? Also, lots of people want to know” How to Block Users on Venmo”. Here is the complete Venmoguide you must read.

Quick Guide – How do you remove venmo friends?

To delete Venmo Friends – Open Venmo app > go to your Friends profile > “Friends” > select Unfriend and you have successfully unfriended on Venmo. Alternatively, if you’re on the web, select the “Remove Friend” option on the right side of your friend’s profile page.

If more unknown friends have been added to your account, then if you want to clear them. Learn how you can clean them.

While Venmo is known for being a social payments app, the social aspect has been seen to be somewhat problematic at times. Therefore, the app requires a balance between providing a secure platform for frequent financial transactions and maintaining its social edge.

Initially, your Venmo friend list was designed to bring together app users who regularly exchange money, but that’s not always the case. Therefore, you may need to remove some friends from your list.

In this article, we’ll explain how you can remove users from your Venmo friend list.

How to Delete Friends on Venmo?

  • To unfriend and delete friends from Venmo using the Venmo app, simply go to that person’s profile and tap the “Friends” checkmark, then select “Unfriend.
  • To delete friends from Venmo using the website, go to the person’s profile and find the three dots in the upper right corner. From there, select “Remove as Friend”.

How to Remove Friends From Venmo?

To delete a friend on Venmo (from the app or the web), all you need to do is navigate to your friend’s Venmo profile.

  • On the web, the key is to click on the three dots in the upper right corner and select “Remove as Friend”.
  • And in the app, all you have to do is tap on the “Friends” checkmark > Unfriend. And you’re all set!

When I remove a friend on Venmo do they know?

No, Venmo does not notify other users when you unfriend other users. Plus, when you unfriend someone on Venmo, they’ll be removed from your friend’s list, although they’ll be able to easily find you when they search for you.

Does Venmo add friends automatically?

Yes, Venmo adds friends automatically to your account. When you sign up for Venmo you are asked to give Venmo permission to access the contacts on your phone. If you allow access, we’ll look for any friends who are already on Venmo and automatically add them to your friend’s list. And you are added to their friend’s list.

How to Block Users on Venmo?

If you can block a user in addition to “unfriending” them. When you block someone on Venmo, they’ll be removed from your list and won’t even be visible when you visit them. Likewise, you will be removed from their lists, and they will not be able to find you anywhere on the app.

Note – Venmo doesn’t notify users when you block them, and it sounds like you’ve removed your venmo account.

To block someone on Venmo:

  • Go to your Venmo app and click on the Menu icon.
  • From the list, select “Search people” and search for the user you want to block.
  • Go to their profile and click on the three Dots.
  • Select the Block option.

FAQ – Remove Friends from Venmo

How do i delete venmo friends

You can venmo friends from the app or the website. you need to login your account and person’s profile and tap the “Friends” checkmark, then select “Unfriend” button.

Can you remove friends from venmo?

yes, you can easily remove/delete friends from venmo using the above steps. you can follow these steps, Login your venmo app or web>>person profile>>friend >>select “Remove as Friend”.


So you understood how to “remove friends from Venmo” or how to delete friends on Venmo. Apart from this, you can easily block them. Due to which they will not even know anything.

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