How To Use Facetune Selfie Photo Editor 2020

What Is Facetune And How To Use Facetune App Selfie Photo Editor:- Facetune is a good image editor Or selfie photo Editor app,techonroid
What Is Facetune And How To  Use Facetune App Selfie Photo Editor:- Facetune is a good image editor Or selfie photo Editor app. This is the best app for all males and females. it also helpful for all teenager boy and girls. anybody can use this image editor app or selfie photo editor.
facetune 2 is the upgraded next generation of facetune selfie photo editor app. and it is award-winning of facetune app.
What Is Facetune And How To Use Facetune App Selfie Photo Editor:- Facetune is a good image editor Or selfie photo Editor app,techonroid
What Is Facetune  And How To  Use Facetune App Selfie Photo Editor:- Facetune is a good image editor Or selfie photo Editor app,techonroid
you can get it easily on the playstore and appstore. its rating is 4.0 star, and its download by 10,000,000 users. there are more image editor expert are also suggest this app.
In this new version of Facetune selfie photo editor app, there are many features are also available. like the natural look, best image editing tool, and frame etc. there are many features about facetune explained.  then let’s get started.

Features Of Facetune App selfie Photo editor

1. In this, you can smooth your photo.
2. It can also remove blemishes or pimples completely.
3. With the help of this, you can make your eye and teeth white.
4. With its help, you can make the skin smooth.
5. With its help, you get a lot of professional tools.
6. With the help of this, you can also resize and crop your photo.
7. You get artistic tools in it. In this, you get colorful light effects.
8. You can also filter your photos with the help of this. And there are vibrations, glowing filters, etc., with the help of which you can give a different look to your photo.
These all are the Features of Facetune and I hope under it very easily . and you should be use this app for a better image. then, let’s know how to use facetune selfie editor app. 

How To Download Facetune Selfie Editor App

If you will download it already that’s good. but if you do not know how to download it. then follow the below steps to download it below.
1. go to your Playstore or Appstore application.
2. click on the search button and search facetune.
3. and install facetune 2  selfie photo editor app.
4. and open it.

How To use Facetune Selfie Editor App

Now, guys, it is installed on your mobile. if you open it you will see some demo, you can skip it. 
1.  after a few time, you will reach the main dashboard of facetune and will see the middle in Try a Demo Photo. if you click on it. you will get some images which already available in facetune app for trial or demo.
2. you will see the camera button on the top. Click on it and choose the image, or click a new selfie from here. and you can delete your selected image.
3. And Next, you can see the share button icon. in this, you can get some option like save photo, facebook, and more option. and you can save and share your image from there.
4. and next you will see three dotted buttons. and you can get more option from there like-
  • tutorials
  • Rate Facetune
  • Like Us
  • Settings
  • Send Feedback
If you choose any image. then, you will select more option on the below of the screen like –
Canvas- you can resize your photo to the help of this. and you can do more changing in you image like- Crop, ratio, rotate and flip etc.
whiten-  you can make more white photo. and you can move it and erase your mistakes.
smooth- To the help of this, you can make more smooth than smoother of your image. 
Details- you can make it sharper from details. and look like a real image.
Reshape- you can reshape and refine your image as you need. 
Patch- you can patch your image. like adjustment of your eyes.
Tone- you can filter your images as you need. and change the background colour.
Redeye- you can change your eyes colour in red and white and can change also a different colour.
Filter- you can filter your image in a different colour for giving a good look. and in this, there are many options are also available like-
  • paper
  • lighting
  • texture
  • Lens
  • Wipe
Frame- in this, you can adjust your image in frame and make it from artistic and compare image.
I hope you have understood very well this post what is facetune and how to use facetune 2 app. if you like this App and these articles please share this article with your friends and relatives. I need your support. and follow me for more new updates.

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