Kano code harry potter app download for iOS,Android

Today we are going to tell you about the Kano COde app. which provides empowers anyone to make, learn, and play with technology. and Kano is a new kind of computing.

Everyone can learn to code art, sports, music and more on their Android tablet. it is for the creation and not just for consumption.

Kano computers makers say that anyone can build their own and change themselves. and also Providers of the Kano club told that, where millions learn to code, draw, and make music together. and Kano works to open up the best Technology for all, not just the 1% of 1%.

What is Kano OS?

Kano OS is the software that makes your Kano computer kit work. Since Kano Computer Kit is built around the Raspberry Pi. Its operating system is based on Raspbian OS which itself is based on Debian, which is a Linux based operating system.

Kano code harry potter app

Kano code Harry potter app is an educational android and iOS app. it gives everyone the right to create, learn and play with technology. Users can learn coding art, games, music and more on your android tablet and iPad easily.

User can download the kano code app and Harry potter App for android and iPhone easily from the Googe Play Store and Appstore and it is compatible with both devices. kano code app published by Kano Computing.

Kano code app is available for Amazon fire tablet, if you want to use it, then you can easily download it from Amazon App Store. you can get the amazone compatible version of this app.

kano App Compatible with Android tablets, with a 7” touchscreen or larger, that have a minimum of 1.5GB RAM, and Bluetooth™ Low Energy (Smart 4.0 and Higher), running Android 5.0 (Lollipop).

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How to Kano Code App Download & Install For Android and iOS (iPhone)

To download and install the Kano app on Android and iPhone, here I will guide you, you can follow the below step.

For Android:

  • Go to google play store first.
  • Then Search the “Harry Potter Coding Wand by Kano”.
  • Select the App published by Kano Computing Ltd.
  • And finally, click on the Install button, and wait till the end.

For iOS (iPad/iPhone)

  • Go to Apple Appstore First.
  • Then Search for the “Harry Potter Wand Kit by Kano”.
  • Select the App published by Kano Computing.
  • And finally, click on the Get button and then the Install button, and wait till the end.

Harry Potter kano coding kit

The Harry Potter Kano Coding Kit easily works on both laptop and tablet devices. and it requires the free Kano app. All devices should require Bluetooth Low Energy(BLE).

Please check that your tablet or computer meets the minimum requirements below. Please note that there is only a limited experience available on the Kano Computer Kit.

The Harry Potter Kano Coding Kit is now available for all group of ages, but parental help may be needed for 6 to 9 ages. There is no technical knowledge is required.

  • Once you’ve made your wand, learn to code and spell, with 25 official Harry Potter spelling motions, 200+ sounds, creatures, artefacts, and backgrounds inspired by the Wizarding World.
  • Learn to code with 70+ step-by-step creative challenges. Let wings fly, goblets multiply, fires flow, pumpkins grow, and more.
  • Wave your coding wand and see the effect on the screen instantly. Make the fire flow, pumpkins grow, wings fly and goblets multiply. Create art, games and music in all the familiar locations of the Wizarding World.
  • Once you learn the basics, there is no end to what you can do. Code your own creations with 25 official Harry Potter spell motions, 200+ sounds, creatures, artefacts and backgrounds inspired by the Wizarding World. Simple for beginners, detailed for experts!
  • Join our free creative community. Get inspired, create, share and play with the magical creations of people around the world. Safe and friendly. Explore the code behind any creation, and modify it to make it your own in a safe and friendly environment.
  • Complete challenges to earn costumes, creatures and accessories from the Wizarding World for your Kano avatar.

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