How to Apply for Missouri food stamp application online & Printable in 2022

Missouri Food Stamps (SNAP) Application Information

Many families living in the state of Missouri find it difficult to buy quality food after paying for utilities, childcare, and transportation. Seems to work. Such families can apply for the Missouri Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), and earlier food stamps, and be eligible to shop for healthy meals.

The amount of benefits provided through this program is based on the State Department of Agriculture’s (USDA) Thrifty Food Plan. The department makes decisions about the amount according to an analysis of food costs provided by the US Department of Labor. As the Department of Labor revises its recommendations each year based on inflation rates and projected economic growth during the year, the amount of SNAP benefits also changes accordingly.

To receive benefits, SNAP eligibility requirements must be met. Normally, a household meeting the income and resource requirements would be eligible to receive the benefit. Families can try a pre-screening tool available on the Department of Social Services (DSS) website to see if they meet the requirements before completing an application.

Applications for the program are available for download online. You can also apply online after creating an account with the DSS Online Application website.

Families who meet the program requirements will receive benefits through an Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT) card and this card works in the same way as a debit card. You can use the EBT card and buy food items with it at various stores across the country. Be aware that you are not allowed to buy certain foods. In addition, you are not permitted to hand over your card to anyone else to use it on your behalf. If you are disabled or cannot use the card yourself for any other reason, you should apply for an additional card. That way, you can have someone else use the extra card. All transactions will be carried forward to your original card.

With the help of your EBT card, you can easily buy food products suitable for human consumption. However, you can’t buy medicines, hot food, and cigarettes with it, plus, you can’t buy beer or alcohol with your EBT card.

If you grow plants that are used to prepare food for the family, you can buy seeds with your EBT card using Snap Benefits. Although EBT cannot be used to pay for meals delivered at home, the elderly can in most cases pays for such meals through their SNAP benefits.

You can also apply for replacement of Food Stamp benefits if you have lost or lost food due to a natural anomaly that was beyond your control to save the food. You will need to contact your local DSS office to request a replacement. You can also fax the application to your local office.

How do I Apply for a Missouri food stamp application?

To apply for a Missouri food stamp application online, there are different ways to apply for SNAP online or by printing and filling out a paper application. here is the step to apply for Missouri SNAP benefits online.

Step 1: – Firstly, visit the official application Food stamp page from here –

Step 2: – Once you reached the SNAP Application form page, Read the Snap benefits instruction, then click on the “Next” button.

Step 3: – After that, you have to provide the required details in each section in the form. such as

Missouri food stamp application
Missouri food stamp application
  • Section 1 – Tell us about yourself
  • Section 2 – Key questions for faster service
  • Section 3 – Household members
  • Section 3 – Household Members (Continued)
  • Section 4 – Household declarations
  • Section 4 – Household declarations (Continued)
  • Section 5 – Household Information
  • Resources
  • Income
  • Income (Continued)
  • Income (Continued)
  • Expenses
  • Expenses (Continued)
  • Section 6 – Notices A
  • Section 6 – Notices B
  • Section 6 – Notices C
  • Section 6 – Notices D
  • Section 6 – Notices E
  • Sign & Submit

Step 4: – Once you complete the form, you need to click on the Sign & submit button.

Missouri food stamp application printable

Missouri food stamp application
Missouri food stamp application

To fill out the Missouri food stamp application offline, you can download the Missouri SNAP application pdf file. then fill all the sections with the required details. you can print the application. send a mail or fax to the below address.

  • Mail: Family Support Division
              615 E 13th St
              Kansas City, MO 64106
  • Fax number: 573-526-9400

Appy Printable

Who is eligible?

  • You must be a resident of the state of Missouri
  • You must be a US citizen or eligible foreigner
  • Have (or agree to apply for) one Social Security number for all members of your household
  • Do not make more than the current income limit.
  • Owning no more than $2,500 in resources ($3,750 if everyone in your household is over 60 or disabled)
  • Resources do not include your home, vehicle, life insurance, burial plots or prepaid burials, personal property that does not bring in income, savings and pension plans, Indian and Alaska Native payments, or any resources you do not own.

What are the Requirements?

  • Social security number for household members
  • Birth dates of household members
  • Amount of assets
  • Income and its proof
  • Child care expenses
  • Shelter and medical expenses
  • If anyone in the household has insurance, including employer-sponsored insurance, you’ll be required to provide details about it.

What is the monthly income limit for food stamps in Missouri?

Number of
CE Eligible
Net Monthly
For Each
Additional Member


How do I apply for food stamps in Missouri?

You can apply for food stamps in Missouri online or by printing and filling out a paper application. you can follow the above step to complete the application process.

Where do i mail my Missouri food stamp application?

Mail: Family Support Division
615 E 13th St
Kansas City, MO 64106

Fax: 573-526-9400