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Move Your Blog From Blogger To WordPress Best Tools:- If you want to move your blog from Blogger to WordPress then it is necessary to know all blogger What is the Requirement to Move Your Blog From Blogger To WordPress. In This Article, I will Give the best and Real Information about the Requirement to move your blog from a blogger. if you want to move, then first read this article. let’s get to know. With the help of some tools, you can move your blog without losing your Traffic and error.

The requirement to Move Your Blog From Blogger To WordPress

First of all, you have to make a backup of all the content of your blogger. After that, if you move your blog to WordPress, it will be better.

Now follow the steps below to make a backup of your content.

1. Open your Blogger account.
2. Go to Settings.
3. Then go to the other menu.
4. Then click on the backup content. All your content will be backed up.


hosting is very important for Move Your Blog From Blogger To WordPress. and it is available in paid only, not free.  hosting is a service and it provides a server for your blog and website to show on the internet.
In the market there are lots of hosting company are available. but some are good and bad. there are a list of hosting company, where you can take cheap hosting easily, 50% off-plan and a better server for the website. as- HostGator, Reseller Club, Godaddy, A2hosting, siteground and Bluehost etc are the best Webhosting companies.

Domain Name

The domain is necessary for move blogger to WordPress. if you want to move subdomain like- it can move its content on WordPress. we can only move domain like, .xyz,, .in etc. because the Domain is an Address of the website. and users can access the website with the help of a domain name.


the plugin is most important to move your blog site to the WordPress site. A plugin is unique software. and it can be added to provide additional specific feature or functionality. and it is used in WordPress, not in blogger.
you can move your blogger site to WordPress without Lossing your traffic to the help of a Plugin. A list of some plugins has given below. 

Blogger to WordPress

This plugin is most important and useful for setting up 1 to 1 mapping between post to WordPress post. and it works well for blog subdomain address which are moved to a custom domain address.  

blogger importer

 It is a plugin and you can get it from the Tools menu also.  you can import your all posts, categories and comments from blogger and migrate authors to WordPress.  

HTML after URL

This plugin is also converted your URL in .html. Because all of your Blogger URLs contain .html in the last. because This avoids losing your traffic. Which is already indexed.

Redirection plugin

It is used to manage your 301 redirect URLs and also monitor 404 errors at some time. and you can replace all 301 or another URL and also redirect the duplicate Url to the Original URLs. 

Yoast Seo

this plugin help in your website SEO. it is the first best and true all-in-one SEO solution for WordPress. and it including on-page content analysis and  XML sitemaps and much more. and your website can rank with the help of the Yoast SEO plugin. And your website can rank with the help of the Yoast SEO plugin.

I hope you all like these important tools to Move Your Blog From Blogger To WordPress. and it is also helpful for migrating your blog without losing your website traffic. you can use it and share this articles(What is the Requirement to Move Your Blog From Blogger To WordPress) with your friends and relatives. follow us on social media for the latest update.

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  1. What a fantastic website! This is so helpfull information. I am just over one month into blogging and have achieved some early milestones, I recently shared a blog on PUBG Redeem Code. Anyway, I’m looking forward to reading more of your articles that you’ve linked in here.

  2. WordPress is a solid blogging platform to start your blogging career with. But over time, when you understand the true potential of blogging for proving yourself, for developing your affiliate business, and for earning money via blogging, you will need to migrate your Blogger blog to a self-hosted WordPress blog.

    Numerous newbie bloggers begin their blogs on BlogSpot first of all because of not spending any penny for the hosting and less for a domain. Though over time, multiple of them can able to know that the self-hosted WordPress which means a blog on WordPress is the great choice for an entirely customized blogging.

    That’s the point when this searching and finding on how to move from Blogger to WP will work for sure. I believe that this all your information will help many of the bloggers who’re planning to switch on the WordPress. Kudos!!!

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