Moya app sassa grants

How to Apply for Moya app sassa grants | Moya app sassa download whatsapp

Moya app sassa grants| Moya app sassa download whatsapp | How to Apply: As let us tell you that the SASSA R350 grant application has started now. There are many different ways to apply for the SASSA R350 grant, out of which you can use the Govchat app. And you can also use the moya app Sassa download whatsapp, this is a very good way. We have the answers for you as well as other details on SRD grant applications.

When it comes to the Special Relief in Distress (SRD) grant, SASSA has received an overwhelming response and has opened various channels for R350 grant applications from where users can also apply for SASSA R350 grant. Well, you can complete the process by downloading the moya app sassa.

Moya app sassa grants 2021

Would like to inform you that SASSA has responded by saying that MOYA APP is NOT a SASA APP. Because of which it is a bit difficult to trust on the Moya app. SASSA then gave other channels which applicants can use to apply.

Moya app sassa grants
Moya app sassa grants

How can you apply for SASSA R350 grant?

You can submit an SRD grant application using the following:

  • Website:
  • WhatsApp: 082 046 8553
  • USSD line: Dial *134*7737#
  • GovChat:\
  • Facebook:

Note:- To access or reconsider an application for the Social Relief of Distress Grant, an applicant must consent to SASSA to verify his identity, residence, income or social security benefits, etc.

Simultaneously the applicants also have to accept the declaration and consent. And there is no need to fill multiple applications, as the confirmation will be received as soon as the application is successfully submitted.

Note:- Simultaneously the persons who had applied for the grant in the previous round will have to fill and submit the application again.

And customers who cancelled the grant earlier, and who want to reactivate the grant due to changes in their circumstances, can also apply for sassa grants.

SASSA warns against using Moya app to check for R350 grant

The SA Social Security Agency (SASSA) has warned grant recipients that the MOYA application is not an official channel for people to apply for their R350 grants or check the status of their applications.

Moya app sassa download whatsapp

If you want to download the moya app sassa download whatsapp on your mobile phone, for this, you have to go to the google play store. After that, you have to search the moya app. After that select the app and install it.

If you download and install the moya app grant but it is connected with the Sassa official.

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