How to Use Nationality Challenge Filter on Instagram, Tiktok and Other

Nationality Challenge Filter: How to Use on Instagram, Tiktok and Other

In today’s article, I will tell you about the app with Nationality Challenge App Faceplay Filters, Create Instagram Reels, from where you can easily upload your Tiktok, Instagram, Youtube shorts.

Nationality Challenge App is a great app and how to use it and create Nationality Challenge Filters video for Instagram reels, tiktok and other social media. If you want to know then read this article carefully.

What is Nationality Challenge filter?

Nationality Challenge filter is a trending feature on Instagram and tiktok, which shows different organizations on the basis of a people country. The Nationality Challenge filter is trending on Instagram reels and anyone can try it.

To use this Nationality Challenge you have to use the “Faceplay Nationality Challenge App”. Which are available to download from Google Play Store and Appstore.

It is a matter of nationality challenge, so it has become a challenge in itself which is going on on Instagram where a person shows a different dress by country.

With the help of nationality challenge effect, all the people are showing their different forms from different countries like the USA, the UK, Russian look, American, Russian, Indian, Iran, Japan, China, Kazakhstan, Thailand, besides this Egypt, Turkey, Nepal, UAE, etc and many more, this filter is also visible on Instagram reels.

How to Download Nationality Challenge App?

If you want to download the Nationality Challenge App on your android and iPhone mobile. you need to open google play store or Apple Appstore and search “FacePlay Face swap video app” or Nationality challenge app.

Once you find the application on your mobile screen, Tap to install it on your device. to use this app read the below process.

How to Create Nationality Challenge Filter for  Instagram Reels?

You can follow the procedure given here to create a nationality challenge filter for Instagram reels.

  1. First of all, Download and install the “Faceplay App” from the Google Play Store.
  2. After that sign-up and login with your email or Facebook account.
  3. Now filter the countries and “Select a country” and all the related filters will be visible.
  4. Here a list of available Selfie templates will appear, choose one that suits you.
  5. Next, tap the Camera icon or choose from pre-captured media from the phone.
  6. Here you choose the free option. Although a Premium subscription is available, you won’t need it.
  7. After editing is successful, Save the video to the gallery.
  8. Once you have successfully created a video, you can easily upload it to your Instagram reel.

How to Create Nationality Challenge Filter for Tiktok?

You can follow the procedure given here to create a nationality challenge filter for Tiktok and others. you can use it on android mobile and iPhone also.

Step 1: Download the “FacePlay – Face Swap Video app” from the given link.

Step 2: Open the FacePlay app and Sign in/ Signup your account using Facebook, Email or others.

Step 3: After that, Search “nationality templates” and select a template.

Note: You cannot use premium templates for free, as they are only available to premium users.

Step 4: Then, Tap Add a face and choose your photo. Then press the Confirm button.

Step 5: Now Tap on Start Making. You must see an ad to get access.

Step 6: Your video will start to be processed. After completion, save it.

You can repeat the above process individually for the nationality to create another Nationality Challenge filter video. And once you have created all your videos then easily you can share them on tiktok or another social platform.

How to use Nationality Challenge Filter?

How to Use Nationality Challenge Filter on Instagram, Tiktok and Other
How to Use Nationality Challenge Filter on Instagram, Tiktok and Other
  • To use the Nationality Challenge Filter on Tiktok, Instagram reels and other social media platforms. you need to follow the above step to create the video. 
  • Then Open the Instagram  Reel, Tiktok or another short video platform.
  • Click on the Create button, Choose the Nationality video from Galler, which you make from Faceplay.
  • Edit the video and upload it on tiktok and Instagram also. 

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