NPCI Call Failed Bhim App Not working, Issued Reason 2021 (How to fix )

Npci call failed Bhim app Not working, Issued Reason (How to fix):- If you are a Bhim app user, then at some point you must have come across the issue of the Bhim app not working like it has come today. Just like sometimes problems are seen on google pay, Phonepe and other payment applications.

Well, today a new issue has been seen which is “NPCI call failed Bhim app”. The problem of the Bhim app not working always remains. People often keep searching for the right way to fix this issue. So you must read this post till the end. because there can be some such reasons behind the NPCI call failed Bhim app.

NPCI call failed in BHIM app Fix

Bhim app for services like Transaction Rejected, Bhim App Not Working – Check Solution has been officially launched by NPCI (National Payments Corporation of India) on Google Play Store. and at the same time users are facing lots of problems like “SMS price deducted from the mobile number for the first time, not verified, not able to select your bank name or bank accounts, never -Sometimes users can’t get OTP, facing Transaction Rejected problem”, some government banks not connected to BHIM app.

That’s why today we are going to tell you how to fix all the errors related to the Bhim app. this post will help you to guide you on how to fix these issues. If your problem is not resolved then the BHIM app toll-free number (18001201740).

Here we have What is NPCI call failed in Bhim app?, How do I fix UPI registration failed in Bhim app?, and What happens if the transaction failed in Bhim app? And other information has been given to fix the problem.

What is NPCI Call failed in Bhim app?

The problem is with the call, so nowadays there are many such fraud calls, due to which people are facing a lot of problems. Let us tell you that 25 lakh lottery calls are coming on every whatsapp number. fraud is clearly included in this matter.

NPCI call failed BHIM app could be a suspected case of fraud transaction, or you may have entered the wrong UPI PIN. The beneficiary details entered by you may be incorrect. Your mobile number can be linked to multiple types of accounts in the same bank.

Bhim app not working, Transaction declined and Down

Users are facing a lot of errors while using the NPCI BHIM app, this may cause some of these types of errors.

  1. Error message in BHIM app BHIM app appears
  2. OTP Error in BHIM App (OTP not received but SMS fee deducted)
  3. mobile number verification not working
  4. Error getting a bank account
  5. Account does not exist error
  6. BHIM App Device Binding Failed Error
  7. Bhim app play store error
  8. Android verification below 5.1 problem
  9. Transaction Rejected Error Bank Problem
  10. BHIM app not working problem
  11. Dual sim error
  12. Application maintenance work is going on.
  13. The connection is not working due to an error key.

Note – The problem of NPCI call failure in the BHIM app can be something like – an unverified mobile number, the application may be in maintenance mode, and a connection error may occur.

How to fix NPCI Call failed Bhim app not working?

  • You just need to update the app from the Google Play Store and Apple Store.
  • You Just Check the Mobile Devices Time zone and enable automatic to the internet provider. 
  •  You can restart Your Phone.
  • Uninstall the App and install it again from the Google play store or Appstore.
  • Check your mobile Device Compatibility according to the Latest app.
  • Clear all cache files from Setting >> Apps >> bhim app>> clear cache.
  • You can use any VPN for connecting to other servers.


I hope you like it, it will be helpful for you. You can share this with your friends if they are facing problems like the BHIM app not working.

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