How to ola electric app Download for android, ios Scooter Official website, release date, Price

“How to ola electric app Download for android, ios? Ola Electric Scooter Official website, price, review 2021”

Today in this article we will tell you where to download the ola electric scooter app and what are its official websites. And when is it released and which ola scooter has been launched.

Till now only petroleum fuels were being seen. In increasing technology, now electric bikes and electric scooters have arrived in the market. Recently ola electric scooter has been launched on 15th August 2021 and delivery date is 8 September 2021. Which people are eager to know about. Its look is also very attractive. Let us tell you about the ola electric scooter app.

What are Ola electric scooters?

The ola electric scooter is an electric scooty whose range is brought to you by ola electric. More recently, two series of ola have been launched on 8 September 2021. In which S1 and S1 Pro series have been seen.

The bookings for the “ola electric scooter S1” and “S1 Pro series” have been started with a reserved booking of Rs 499/- token.

The price of the Ola S1 is Rs 99,999 and the price of the Ola S1 Pro series is Rs 1, 29,999. The features of both series are different. Not only this, the ola electric scooter S1 has a max speed of ’90KMPH’ and ola electric scooter s1 pro max speed up to ‘115 KMPH’. But talking about the average speed, it can give 100 km/hr speed.

Customers can avail themselves of both the series of old electric scooters with cash and have tied up with various banking institutions to avail loan options for the consumers. Simultaneously, ola has also launched its own Ola Electric Scooter app for its customers. Which you can download, the process is explained below.

The booking of ola e scooter has started. And it has also been booked by about 1 lakh consumers. As soon as the ola electric scooter was launched on 8th September, the booking process has started from that day itself. You have to pay Rs.499 first to reserve it. The ola electric scooter has a battery that can be charged and travelled.

To know about the price, features, speed, etc. of the ola electric scooter, ola electric scooter app has also been provided by ola. Which you can download on your Android and iOS through the information given below.

ola electric app

How to ola electric app download? 

As you are aware that the application is downloaded and installed from the google play store or appstore. And download the apk from a third party website. That’s why you can easily download ola electric scooter app. The Ola Electric app is designed to support Android 7.0 and iOS 12.0 and above.

Ola electric app for Android

If you use android mobile then you have to go to the google play store. After that search there “ola electric app” or “ola electric scooter app”. And the app published by ola has to be selected and installed.

Ola electric app for iphone

If you are using an iphone mobile then you have to go to the Apple appstore. After that search there “ola electric app” or “ola electric scooter app”. And the app published by ola will have to be selected and installed by clicking on ‘GET’ and Then Install.

Download link

Note:- Let us tell you that recently or any official application of the ola electric scooter app is not available on the google play store or apple appstore. When it release i will update the download link of ola electric sctoor app apk.

Ola electric app for PC

If you want to use or ola electric scooter app on pc, then you have to install an emulator on your pc for this. So read the step carefully.

– First of all open Google browser and search bluestack.

– After that go to the official website of bluestacks and download the bluestacks emulator.

– Once downloaded, install it by double-clicking on it.

– After that, you have to open the emulator and sign in with your email.

– After that open the google play store on an emulator. And to search ” or ola electric scooter app or Ola electric app “.

– After that, by selecting the ola electric app, you can install it with the help of the install button.

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Ola electric scooter official website

The official website of eco-friendly vehicle ola scooter is“. From where you can easily check ola electric scooter booking, dealership, purchase and specifications.

When is ola electric scooter release date

ola electric scooter release date is 15 August 2021 and from this day the purchases of ola have started.

Ola electric scooter booking link

To book the ola electric scooter, you can book using its official website booking link “”.

Ola electric scooter booking in India

Ola electric scooter booking in India has started from 8th September. For which the customer will have to first reserve Rs 499.

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