Ooakshell,headbands, on Shark Tank Episode 22

Ooakshell headbands Founder or Ooakshell on Shark Tank Episode 22

Shark Tank Season 13 airs episode 22 on ABC on Friday, May 6. OakShell founder Mika Bartholdo will be attending the show and further expanding his headband business.

Ooakshell does business of colourful headbands that can fit on any head. Her products are usually adjustable and hand-dyed. The official synopsis of Shark Tank Episode 22 reads the details of the company and its founder.

What is Ooakshell headband?

Ooakshell headband is a versatile, one size fits all headband that can be worn narrow or wide with ease. Mika founded Ooakshell in 2018 and the market also tested its product on Etsy before moving sales to its website. Each oakshell is hand-painted and therefore appears unique.

Who is the founder?

The founder of Ooakshell is Mika Bartholdo. The brain behind this is of Mika Bertholdo. In an interview with Nena & Co, she shared what inspired her to create innovative hair accessories.

They started in late 2018 because regular headbands weren’t working for me. I had postpartum hair loss and the headband was not fitting me properly.

They made one that was wide and fully adjustable, and I started dyeing them myself to match my colourful Nena bag.

He actually started cutting, sewing and painting at his mother’s house. Then posted a picture of myself wearing one with the Nena bag in the Nena group and that’s how I got my customers,” she explained.

Ooakshell on Shark Tank Episode 22

Mika Bertholdo, the founder of Ooakshell, will appear on Shark Tank in episode 22 of the current season. She will be among the last entrepreneurs to showcase their business in the tank. Those looking for a great deal that can help their company grow the best way in digital marketing.

Other businesses featured in upcoming episodes include Pulp Pantry, Kawaii Lighting, and Prickly Pear.

Former contestants Jacob and Michelle Sendowski will also appear on the episode to update Mark Cuban about his growing business, the synopsis for which reads:

“In Shark Tank Update, Media, Pennsylvania husband and wife Jacob and Michelle Sendowski, updated their investor Mark Cuban about Dino Dawn, the largest and most accurate robot dinosaur and creature for zoos, museums and attractions. “

The panel of investors/sharks for Episode 22 features Kevin O’Leary, Mark Cuban, Lori Greiner and Robert Herjavec, along with guest sharks Emma Grade. This week will be Emma Grede’s fourth appearance on Shark Tank Season 13.

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