PA Doe License Application: How to Apply Online – 2022

Today we will know how to do pa doe license application. One of the most important dates on many Pennsylvania hunters’ calendars is just a week away.

County treasurers across the state began accepting deerless deer hunting license applications by mail from residents of Pennsylvania on Monday, July 12. Non-residents can apply from the official website on Monday, 19 July.

A second round, in which a hunter can obtain a second license from any of the wildlife management units where the license resides, begins Monday, August 2.

The third round of getting a pa doe license will start on Monday, August 16. And
Over-the-counter sales for any remaining licenses are scheduled to begin Monday, September 13.

The total number of antlerless deer licenses available to hunters is down from 932,000 for the 2020-21 hunting license year this year to 925,000 for the current 2021-22 hunting license year.

Each DOE license sees a price up to $6.97 for residents and $26.97 for non-residents. The issuing agent’s fee on all hunting and trapping licenses has increased by 7 cents per license this year to $.97, up from $.90 earlier. The check and money order must be payable to the “County Treasurer.”

How to Apply for PA Doe license application?

To apply for a doe license, a hunter must first purchase a general hunting license. The cost of which has been kept at $ 20.97 for residents of Pennsylvania and $101.97 for non-residents.

Applications must be available on official application forms, online at “” as a Green Panel issued with a hunting license and attached to the Harvest Report Card in this “Pennsylvania Hunting and Trapping Digest” Tear-out should be done on the card. Each hunter is provided with his license.

All mail-in antlerless deer license applications must be sent in an official pink envelope to the Pennsylvania Game Commission.

Hunters can submit applications one by one in the statewide opening round, the first unsold round and the second unsold round.

As such, multiple applications can be submitted at once when the over-the-counter sale starts.

No more than 3 applications can be sent in the same envelope in any round. Up to 3 hunters can submit the application using a single envelope.

Another near license deadline for the Elk Hunting License Lottery is Saturday, July 31.

Download PA Doe License Application Form

You can download the PA Doe License Application from its official website. simply, go to google and search PA Doe License Application, you will see the “ANTLERLESS DEER LICENSE APPLICATION”, click on it and download the form, fill in all the required details and submit it.

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