How to Get Proof of Payment on Capitec app? (Step by Step 2022)

There is no shortage of people having money in the world and people take it from their bank account statement to payment method. In this case, we are talking about capitec. People using this “How to get proof of payment on the Capitec app?” how to download. And how to send, then the answers to these questions are also searched. If you want to know the information related to such captitec, then follow the procedure given below.

How to get proof of payment on Capitec app?

  • From your Capitec Bank account, select the payment for which you need to show evidence.
  • First of all open the capitec bank account, whatever payment you have made.
  • Scroll down and select “Send Payment Notification”.
  • After that, you have to enter your email address to receive the POP.
  • Then press the “Send” Option.

How to send proof of payment from Capitec app?

To send the payment proof to anyone, follow the given information.

  • Open a capitec account, browse through your payment history from its payment menu.
  • Select a date range to view payments made during that time.
  • As soon as you will be asked to enter the email address. Then Add the email address of the person requesting proof of payment. Huh.

Now click on send Tap

How to download proof of payment from Capitec app?

Downloading proof of payment from the capitec app is also an easy way to authenticate your payments.

  • First of all, go for the Capitec Bank Internet Banking option.
  • Select the payments made from the Payments tab.
  • After that, you have to select the time to check the payment.
  • View proof of payment by clicking on the Download tab or click on Download.
  • After that, all the statements will be available on capitec.
  • Search your Downloads folder to see the payment file.

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